Pandya Store Upcoming Twist: Dhara marries Gautam

Pandya Store Upcoming Twist: Dhara marries Gautam

Pandya Stores Future Twists:

In the upcoming story of Pandya Store, Dhara (Shiny Doshi) will marry Gautam (Kinshuk Mahajan).

So far in Pandya Stores serial, Prafula makes fun of Gautam that even Dhara refused to marry him.

Hardik tells Gautam that it was a mistake committed by his father and his mother will get even more shattered after learning that Gautam came without getting married.

Hardik says that Anita was just behind Pandya Store, she has no respect for him and his family.

Hardik make Dhara realise each other's importance and says that Gautam is his prince charming.

Further, Dhara and Gautam decide to get married.

Now as per serial gossips of Pandya Store, Prafula will think both unworthy persons are getting married to each other.

Suman will overhear ladies talking about Gautam married to Anita.

Dhara and Gautam will take blessings of Suman with Dhara's face covered while Suman will try to uncover Dhara's face according to latest news of Pandya Store serial.

Let's see if Suman accepts Dhara as her daughter-in-law in the future story of Pandya Store serial.

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