Pishachini Going Off Air, Serial Climax, End Date, Last Episode, Season 2 Start Date

Pishachini Going Off Air, Serial Climax, End Date, Last Episode, Season 2 Start Date

Pishachini Colors TV Climax Story, Ending Date, Final Episode, Pishachini Upcoming Story, Twists, Spoilers, Gossips, Latest News, Season 2:

Colors TV's supernatural show Pishachni is headed for its climax and will go off air on 23rd December 2022 making way for the new serial Agnisakshi.

Nyra Banerjee, Jiya Sankar, and Harsh Rajput starrer Pishachini show the start was announced as a limited 100 episodes series.

The show started off with a blast as the show easily made its place in the top 10 in the online TRP Charts.

However, soon the show started losing its charm due to the continuous addition of new supernatural characters which interrupted the original storyline of the Bharmakumari Pavithra against the Maha Pishachini Rani.

It can be said that the show was well-liked by the viewers for the constant back-and-forth fighting between the darkness and the light while the addition of extra characters such as Agni Betal and Pavithra's unsuspected aunt Kanika also being revealed as a supernatural being has brought a break in the flow of the story.

The current story of the supernatural show is circling around the Rajput family hoping for Rocky to wake up after being bitten by a Betal while Rani has once again escaped from the magical cave and is on her way to get her revenge on the Rajput family.

Season 2 of Pishachini can be back on the heavy demand of the fans of the stars and there are also speculations circling around that the first season will end with a hint of Pavithra becoming pregnant and the second season will appear with Pavithra and Rocky's child becoming the main character.

Let's see if the story goes as predicted or if the show continues with a new time slot and new characters in the upcoming story of the Pishachini serial.

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