Pottiku Potti Winner, Runner Up, Grand Finale, Abhi Tailor Vs Valli Thirumanam, Prize Money

Pottiku Potti Winner, Runner Up, Grand Finale, Abhi Tailor Vs Valli Thirumanam, Prize Money

Pottiku Potti Winner Name, Grand Finale 2022 Results, Runner-ups, Abhi Tailor Vs Valli Thirumanam

Pottiku Potti Position

Winners Name

Pottiku Potti Winner Prize money

Pottiku Potti Colors Tamil Title Winner (1st place)

Valli Thirumanam


Pottiku Potti Runner Up (2nd place)

Abhi Tailor

Special mention

Pottiku Potti 2022Title Winner Prediction: Colors Tamil Grand Finale, Who wins Pottiku Potti 2022?

The winner of Pottiku Potti will be selected based on the judges’ and audiences’ scores. The telecast date of the Pottiku Potti grand finale is 24th July 2022 on Colors Tamil.

The judges Kala Master and Sridhar Master have selected the teams of Abhi Tailor and Valli Thirumanam as the finalists of Pottiku Potti based on their performance.

The first team to enter the finale of Pottiku Potti was Abhi Tailor who was delivering a stunning performance all these weeks.

The team has the real pair Madhan and Reshma which drives the fans crazy. The team manages to score and impress both the judges and the audience from the start.

The support they receive from the fans has been an additional chance for them to win the finale.

The team Valli Thirumanam which is gearing up to compete with Abhi Tailor in the finale has been a tough competition for all the other teams. 

The team has the ever-charming Shyam who has managed to capture the attention of more female fans the team.

The team exhibits a tough competition in dance, quizzes and other games which managed to make them enter the finale.

Both are expected to execute a tough competition. We anticipate “Abhi Tailor is the winner of Pottiku Potti show”.

We congratulate both the finalists and wish them only the best for the grand finale to win the Pottiku Potti title and be crowned the winner.

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