Qurbaan Hua Wiki, Wikipedia, Cast, Timings, Story, Actor, Actress, Real Names

Qurbaan Hua Wiki, Wikipedia, Cast, Timings, Story, Actor, Actress, Real Names

Qurbaan Hua serial Zee TV Wiki:

Qurbaan Hua is the story of Chahat and Neel who want to destroy each other’s family.

Qurban Hua story is produced by Sonali Jaffer and Amir Jaffer and stars Pratibha Ranta and Rajveer Singh as main leads.

The main lead of Qurbaan Hua Chahat Rahil Baig is a girl who takes inspiration from her father. Meanwhile, Neelkanth Vyas is a chef and belongs to a Hindu family.

The story of Chahat and Neel starts when Chahat starts living at his house and both get married.

They both decide on spending lives with each other for the sole purpose of taking revenge.

Here in this article, we are sharing the information about the cast and crew, story, gossips, and spoilers, twists & turns of Qurbaan Hua serial.

Qurbaan Hua Serial Details

Serial name

Qurbaan Hua


Daily Soap Drama Serial

Qurbaan Hua Start Date

25th February 2020

Telecast Days


Kurbaan Hua Telecast Timings

10.00 pm


Zee TV

OTT Platform




Qurbaan Hua serial Crew/Team members


Sonali Jaffer
Amir Jaffer

Qurbaan Hua No. of Seasons 


Production Company (s) 

Full House Media

Qurbaan Hua Zee TV Full Star Cast, Roles, Real/Character Names, Actors, Actresses

Real Name

Qurbaan Hua Character Name and Role Played

Pratibha Ranta

Chahat Baig Dhyani-Female lead

Rajveer Singh

Neelkanth Bhatt Dhyani- Male lead

Sonali Nikam

Saraswati Nautiyal- Neil’s sister

Parakh Madan

Gazala Baig- Chahat’s step mother

Aayam Mehta

Madhavanand Bhatt Dhyani-Neel’s father

Nitin Bhasin

Jamunaprasad Bhatt Dhyani- Neel’s uncle

Neelam Pathania

Godhambhari Bhatt Dhyani- Neel’s aunt

Nishad Vaidya

Alekh Nautiyal- Saraswati’s husband

Alisha Parveen

Naveli Bhatt Dhyani- Jamunaprasad’s daughter

Qurbaan Hua Serial Story / Plot / Latest Updates

The story of Qurbaan Hua revolves around Neel and Chahat’s complicated love story that starts with revenge.

Qurbaan Hua story progresses as Neel and Chahat get married with the sole aim of seeking revenge from each other.

Neel thinks his sister died because of Chahat’s father and wishes to take revenge on her.

The main aim of Chahat in Qurbaan Hua serial is to prove her father innocent and that’s why she marries Neel.

Based on the spoilers of Qurbaan Hua, Chahat comes to know about her father’s involvement in a factory mishap that harmed Neel.

Let’s see if Chahat is able to save her father in upcoming episodes of Qurbaan Hua serial.

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