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Rajjo Going Off Air, Climax, End Date, Last Episode, Season 2 Release Date

Rajjo Going Off Air, Climax, End Date, Last Episode, Season 2 Release Date

Rajjo Serial Going Off Air, End Date, Story Climax, Final Episode, Upcoming Story, Rajjo Season 2, Trending News:

One more serial has joined the list of recent off-air articles and it is none other than, Rajjo serial from Star Plus. 

Rajveer Singh and Celesti Bairagey starrer, Rajjo, started with a bang when Celesti was claimed to be a doppelganger of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt and her popularity on social media was expected to make the show a hit.

From Udti Ka Naam Rajjo to just "Rajjo", this serial has seen many ups and downs as earlier, it used to air at 7 PM and now shifted to the 6:30 PM time slot.

Even while being telecasted at the 7 PM time slot, Rajjo maintained a TRP rating of 1.5 points, however, it could not satisfy the channel, and Mukta Doond Production's, Rajjo, got shifted to 6:30 PM.

As per the latest news of the Rajjo serial, it is finally going off-air in the first week of March 2023.

So far in the story of the serial, Pushkar kills Manorama, however, Rajjo stays stubborn to find her mother in the midst of nowhere.

Using Rajjo's suspicion against herself, Madhumalti frames her to be mentally unstable while Arjun brings Rajjo back with him to the Thakur House.

The climax of Rajjo will showcase Manorama being shown alive and coming back to take revenge on Pushkar, acting to be a ghost.

The storyline will come to an end with Rajjo finally learning that she is Pushkar's daughter while Pushkar will die and Rajjo will get accepted into the Thakur family after being wronged so many times.

The last telecast date of Rajjo is 5 March 2023 and the new serial of Sai Ketan Rao named, "Ishq Di Chasini" will soon replace it but with a different timeslot on Starplus.

The makers haven't announced anything regarding Season 2 of Rajjo serial and it is highly unlikely that it will get released since Rajjo will be living happily ever after, with her Khad Babu (Arjun, played by Rajveer Singh).

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