Raju Vootla Party 14th August  2022 Written update, RVP Episode 4

Raju Vootla Party 14th August  2022 Written update, RVP Episode 4

Raju Vootla Party 14th August 2022  Promo Written Updates: Pandian Store Special, Watch Full Show Online

Raju Vootla Party is a reality show that centres on Raju and his colleagues who have fun in the show. They conduct funny and interesting games for contestants. 

The latest promo of Raju Vootla Party (14-08-2022) starts with the stunning entry of the special guests from the Pandian stores team to the show.

In this episode, Priyanka is replaced by Makapa and he makes fun of the sets of RVP.

Stalin, Kumaran, Sujitha, Hema, Kaavya, Saravana Vikram, Aishwarya and Venkat are present to chit-chat with Raju and his housemates.

The new promo for Raju Vootla Party (14 August 2022) starts with a small bundling task where the Pandian stores team are found bundling grain pockets which puts everyone in laughter.

A small quiz game is played by the team where Raju questions Stalin and Kumaran regarding their wives.

The funny counters of Madurai Muthu makes the show more interesting.

Download Raju Vootla Party or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Sunday at 9.30 PM and Disney+Hotstar.

Raju Vootla Party 14th August 2022 Episode Promo Update:

Raju Vootla Party 14th August 2022 Episode Written Update:

Today's Raju Vootla party on 14th August starts with the funny entry of Raju. He dances with the audience.

The special guests then enter the sets of the Raju Vootla Party.

The special guest of the week is from the Pandian Stores team.

Suchithra, Stalin, Kumaran, Kaavya, Hema, Venkat and Saravana Vikram enters the show.

Then, Makapa enters as a special anchor replacing Priyanka, his funny counters attract the audience and special guests.

A special quiz task is announced for the Pandian stores team and questions relating to their team and family.

This brings loads of laughter and fun.

The team then shares their insights about working in the serial and about the bond they share between them.

The timely counters of Madurai Muthu entertain everyone.

A funny bundling task is then announced where the guest must bundle the grams in paper pockets. This ends in a funny manner. The guests enjoy the task.

Ramar then enters as an astrologer and make so much fun with the team.

Sunitha then enters and conducts a friendly quiz on Suchithra, Kaavya and Hema. They answer her questions diligently.

Guppies Poovaiyar then enters to deliver a special performance and entertains the special guest. Then the guests take their leave from the sets of the Raju Vootla party.

End of today's Raju Vootla party 14th August 2022 episode.

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