Ranju Ki Betiyaan Cast, Wiki, Story, Promo, Review, Start Date, Actors, Roles

Ranju Ki Betiyaan Cast, Wiki, Story, Promo, Review, Start Date, Actors, Roles

Ranju Ki Betiyaan Dangal TV serial Wiki/Wikipedia:

Ranju Ki Betiyaan is a hit serial on Dangal TV produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions.

Ranju Ki Betiyaan's cast includes Reena Kapoor (real name) as the female lead actor who showcases the bold and brave character of Ranju Guddu Mishra (role/character name).

Ranju is determined to give her daughters a good life even when her husband leaves her and her four daughters.

Based on the latest promo of Ranju Ki Betiyaan, the story revolves around a typical patriarchal setting where Guddu Mishra wants a boy as an heir to his business.

When Ranju is about to give birth to her fourth daughter, Guddu leaves her and decides to marry another woman Lalita.

TKB serial story is full of drama and twists and the star cast of Ranju Ki Betiyan makes it all the more entertaining to watch.

Here in this article, we are sharing the information about the cast and crew, story, serial gossips, and spoilers, upcoming twists of the Ranju Ki Betiyaan serial.

Ranju Ki Betiyaan Serial Details

Serial name

Ranju Ki Betiyaan


Daily Soap Drama Serial

Ranju Ki Betiyaan Start Date

15th February 2021

Telecast Days

Monday to Saturday

Ranju Ki Betiyaan Telecast Timings

9:30 pm


Dangal TV

OTT Platform

Not available



Ranju Ki Betiyaan serial Crew/Team members


Rashmi Sharma

Ranju Ki Betiyaan No. of Seasons 


Production Company (s) 

Rashmi Sharma Productions

Dangal TV Ranju Ki Betiyaan Full Cast, Roles, Real/Character Names, Actors, Actresses

Real Name

Ranju Ki Betiyaan Character Name and Role Played

Reena Kapoor

Ranju Guddu Mishra

Ayub Khan

Guddu Mishra- Ranju’s husband

Naveen Pandita


Monika Chauhan

Shalu- Ranju and Guddu’s eldest daughter

Rupal Tyagi

Bulbul- Ranju and Guddu’s second daughter

Aarushi Sharma

Muskaan- Ranju and Guddu’s third daughter

Adiba Hussain

Tiya- Ranju and Guddu’s youngest daughter

Jeevansh Chaddha

Vicky- Guddu and Lalita’s son

Deepshika Nagpal

Lalita- Guddu’s second wife

Karan Khandelwal

Lucky- Guddu and Lalita’s second son

Ranju Ki Betiyaan Story/Plot/Latest Updates/Reviews

Ranju Ki Betiyaan serial is the latest hit serial on Dangal TV that showcases the story of Ranju and her four daughters, Shalu, Bulbul, Muskaan, and Tiya.

Ranju is not only left alone by her husband but also forced to take care of four young daughters alone.

She owns a tailoring shop named Pragati and refuses to take any help from her husband.

Guddu is an egoistic man who refuses to give love to his daughters and wishes to have a son.

When Ranju is not able to fulfill his wish, he gets married to another woman named Lalita who gives birth to twins, Lucky and Vicky.

Based on spoilers of Ranju Ki Betiyaan, Guddu’s sons are no good and spoilt by their mother while Ranju’s daughters and intelligent and brave.

Further, in the recent episodes, Shalu takes a stand and refuses to accept his marriage to Rohan.

Let’s see how Ranju’s daughters make their mother feel proud in the upcoming story of the Ranju Ki Betiyaan serial.

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