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Roja Sun TV Serial Cast, Story, Wiki, Timings, Actor with Photos, New Episodes

Roja Sun TV Serial Cast, Story, Wiki, Timings, Actor with Photos, New Episodes

Roja Sun TV Serial Wiki/Wikipedia/Upcoming Story, Twists, Spoilers, Gossips, Written Updates, TRP Ratings:

Roja is a serial telecasted on Sun TV which is about a story of a girl from an orphanage.

The daily drama is about the girl Roja and the bond she shares with her lovable husband Arjun. The way they both fight to undergo a happy life is the main plot of this.

The Sun TV audience is attracted to the serial because of the chemistry and the bond the couple shares on-screen. 

The story takes a turn when Roja identifies her parents and how Arjun helps her join with her parents. 

From the initial days of the serial start to date the serial has placed itself in the top position. The serial manages to place itself on the Top 10 TRP rating table from the launch.

Below are the details about the show Roja. All the information regarding the show cast, timing, plot, production team, and gossip are given in this article:

Roja (ரோஜா) Serial Details

Serial Name


Serial Name in Tamil



Soap Opera



Roja Serial Start Date

9th April 2018

End Date


Roja Serial Telecast days

Monday to Saturday

Telecast timings

9.00 PM


Sun TV

OTT platform


Roja (ரோஜா) Serial Crew Details

Production Company

Saregama India



V. Sadhasivam

Creative Director

Prince Immanuels

Number of seasons


Title Track

Kavithai Pole Vandhale Roja

Sun TV Roja Cast, Real Names, Characters Names

Real Name

Character Name 

Role Played

Priyanka Nalkari (பிரியங்கா நல்காரி)

Roja (ரோஜா)

Female Lead

Sibbu Suryan (சிப்பு சூர்யன்)

Arjun Prathap (அர்ஜுன் பிரதாப்)

Male Lead

VJ Akshaya (அக்ஷயா)

Priya/ Anu (பிரியா/ அனு)

Fake Anu (Antagonist)

Vadivukkarasi (வடிவுக்கரசி)

Annapoorani (அன்னபூரணி)

Arjun’s Grandmother

Gayatri Shastry (காயத்ரி சாஸ்திரி)

Kalpana Prathap (கல்பனா பிரதாப்)

Arjun’s Mother

Shiva Subramanian (சிவ சுப்ரமணியன்)

Prathap (பிரதாப்)

Arjun’s Father

Dr. Sharmila (டாக்டர் ஷர்மிளா)

Shenbagam Manickam (செண்பகம் மாணிக்கம்)

Roja’s Mother

Rajesh (ராஜேஷ்)

'Tiger' Manickam' (மாணிக்கம்)

Roja’s Father

Shankaresh Kumar (சங்கரேஸ் குமார்)

Ashwin Prathap (அஸ்வின் பிரதாப்)

Arjun’s Brother

Smriti Kashyap( ஸ்மிருதி காஷ்யப்)

Pooja (பூஜா)

Ashwin’s Wife

Rani (ராணி)

Chandrakantha (சந்திரகாந்தா)

Assistant Commissioner of Police

Roja Lead Actor/Actress Name with Photos:

Sibbu Suryan

Sibbu Suryan Wiki, Age, Family, Biography, TV Shows And HD Photos

Priyanka Nalkari

பட்டுச்சேலை சரசரக்க... பார்வையாலே சுண்டி இழுக்கும் பிரியங்கா நல்கரி |  Photos posted by Priyanka Nalkari in a silk saree on Instagram went viral.  - Tamil Oneindia

Sun TV Roja Serial Latest Story/Plot:

Roja was reared in an orphanage and is a cheerful young lady. Despite his affluence, Arjun is a respected criminal lawyer. 

Roja approaches Arjun with a complaint against her orphanage guardian Shanthamoorthy, and the two cross paths. Arjun's family had arranged for him to marry Priya, who is posing as "Fake Anu". 

Roja is a real-life Anu, the offspring of Arjun's uncle Tiger Manickam and wife Shenbagam. Roja and others are unaware of her identity.  

Arjun was adamant about not marrying Priya. So, Arjun promises to take up Roja's lawsuit if she agrees to the one-year contractual marriage with him. 

Roja agrees and marries Arjun and enters Arjun's house as his wife. Both gradually fall in love with each other and the contract is terminated. 

The tale takes a twist when Arjun and Roja get to know about the identity of Priya and realises Roja is the real Anu.

What happens to the bond between Arjun and Roja and how will Roja unite with Tiger Manickam is the upcoming story.

Roja Sun TV Serial TRP rating:

Roja is a big success to the entire Sun network team. At the start, the serial gained the attention of all the viewers and created records in TRP ratings.

The serial never failed to grasp its position in the Top 10 TRP rating positions to date. This is one of the most celebrated serials on Sun TV with a high fan base.

In recent days the TRP rating of the serial has been reduced compared to the initial days. The reason for this is the lag in the storyline and the lack of twists and turns in the tale.

Roja Serial on Sun TV Trailer, Teaser, Promo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is the story writer for Roja Serial?

A. The story writer for Roja is Vasubharathy.

Q. Who is the music composer for Roja Title Track?

A. The title track was composed by Ravi Raghav.

Q. When is the Roja serial telecasted?

A. Roja serial is telecasted from Monday to Saturday at 9.00 PM.

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