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Sanjog TRP Rating: Zee TV's new serial is expected to garner high TRPs!

Sanjog TRP Rating: Zee TV's new serial is expected to garner high TRPs!

Sanjog TRP Rating:

Zee TV has brought a unique concept into the television industry with the serial titled 'Sanjog' which has gone on air on 22nd August 2022.

Sanjog serial’s story revolves around the lives of two mothers whose lives are contrastingly different and how they live with their daughters and raise them who are accidentally switched at birth unknown to them.

The TRP of Sanjog for the first week of its release is 0.9 TRP points.

In the serial, Amrita is hoping for a child even after seven years of her marriage with her husband who is having a secret behind her back while Gauri is living as a thief with her husband and mother who steal houses to get by in their lives.

As their fates collide, Amrita and Gauri get pregnant at the same time and both give birth to their daughters on the same day and at the same hospital.

However, due to a mishap by the hospital staff, their babies get swapped and they take each other's babies home.

Kamya Punjabi and Shefali Sharma do justice to their roles with their acting skills.

The male lead Rajneesh Duggal has a huge fan following which will indirectly help the serial in TRPs.

However, the serial Sanjog has to compete with the TRP chart topper Anupama for the 10 PM timeslot which is a huge task.

Let us see how the show Sanjog performs in the TRP charts in the upcoming episodes of the serial Sanjog.

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