SaReGaMaPa 2021 6th March 2022 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Grand Finale Top 6 Contestants

SaReGaMaPa 2021 6th March 2022 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Grand Finale Top 6 Contestants

SaReGaMaPa 2021 6th March 2022 Written Update: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2022/2021, Grand Finale, Final Episode 40, Top 6 finalists (finale contestants)

SaReGaMaPa 6th March 2022 Written Update:

Today's SaReGaMaPa 6th March 2022 starts with the top 6 contestants making a grand entry on the SAREGAMAPA finale stage.

All the contestants sing various hyped songs in chorus to fill the ambiance with energy.

Udit Narayan makes the SRGMP2021 finale grandeur by his presence.

The host, Aditya Narayan welcomes the judges Shankar Mahadevan and Himesh Reshammiya for the grand finale of Saregamapa 2021.

With an introduction by Shankar and Himesh, Vishal Dadlani makes a stylish entry singing his song 'Jag Ghooomeya'.

Vishal lands on the stage and performs his rocking songs 'Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai', 'Das Bahane', and a few more.

His singing and grooving set the stage on fire.

The finale performances begin with Sharad Sharma arriving on the stage dressed as a groom and seated on an artificial horse.

Everyone is impressed by Sharad's performance on the songs 'Tenu Leke' and 'Srivalli'. Sharad also sings the song 'Badri Ki Dulhaniya' improvised to 'Sharad Ki Dulhaniya'.

After the performance, the host, Aditya Narayan tells Sharad that someone has come to meet him and invites a lady on the stage.

Comedian/Actor Gaurav Dubey comes on the stage dressed as a bride but keeps his face covered.

When Aditya asks for an introduction and face unveiling, he shows a QR code stick on his waist and asks them to scan it to pay the Shagun.

Further, Sharad uncovers Gaurav's face and he continues to entertain everyone with his witty and timely punchlines.

To continue the show, Neelanjana sings a mesmerizing song 'Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum'.

Nilanjana continues her performance with the songs 'Chaka Chak' and 'Param Sundari' while swaying with the dancers.

The judges praise her performance and acclaim her to be a star.

Aditya Narayan introduces Sanjana as the most inspirational contestant of the season and invites her for her final performance.

Sanjana Bhat enters the stage on a lavish seating and grooves with the dancers while she sings the song 'Pag Pag Liye Jau', 'Dil Deewana', and 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo'.

Ahead of Sanjana's performance, a video of her popularity in her hometown is shared with the audience which brings tears of happiness in her eyes.

Gaurav returns to the stage dressed as Udit Narayan and makes everyone laugh while he tries to prove himself as the real Udit Narayan.

After Gaurav leaves, Aditya names twenty singers whose songs Snigdhajit has sung throughout the season.

The dancers fill up the stage around a giant sphere and start grooving on the music. As the sphere opens up, Snigdhajit Bhowmik poses in style.

As he wanted to tribute his finale performance to the late Bappi Lahiri, Snigdhajit sings Disco King, Bappi Lahiri's songs 'Yaad Aa Raha Hai', 'Disco Dancer', 'Chahiye Thoda Pyaar' and a few others.

Bappi Da's daughter and grandson get teary after witnessing Snigdhajit's magnificent performance.

To grace the amazing night, Shankar Mahadevan amuses everyone with his performance on the song 'Hawan Karenge'.

The collaboration of Shankar Mahadevan and drums master, Shivamani along with the inclusion of Stephen Devassy makes everyone step up and dance on the beats.

Ananya Chakraborty sings the songs 'Monta Re', 'Dholida', and 'Saamme'. Her singing and moves on the songs amaze the audience to a great extent.

The host, Aditya Narayan gives a breathtaking performance on the song 'Eyy Bidda Ye Mera Adda' after which his father, Udit Narayan says that he is proud of his son.

The last finalist, Rajshree Bag performs a Lata Mangeshkar special act by singing a few of her songs like 'Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa', 'Bhor Bhaye Panghat Pe', and 'Hoothon Mein Aisi Baat'.

When Aditya mentions continuing the show, Gaurav interrupts him by returning dressed as Amitabh Bacchan.

With various clips captured throughout the season, the contestants and the judges rejoice in the moments spent on the sets.

However, Himesh gets offended by Gaurav's jokes and leaves in anger.

While the judges and contestants are confused and worried by Himesh's reaction, suddenly he returns in style and celebrates succeeding in his prank.

Further, everyone is left awe-inspired when Himesh performs a majestic mashup of his songs.

Finally, the host, Aditya announces the contestant who'll own the title of Saregamapa 2021 and it is none other than the most deserving, Neelanjana Ray.

Rajshree Bag and Sharad Sharma bag the position of first and second runner up prizes respectively.

End of today's 6 March 2022 Saregamapa 2021 grand finale episode.

Zee TV's singing reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma pa 2021/2022 has been entertaining its viewers with talented singers from all over the world for nearly the last four months.

Finally, SaReGaMaPa 2021 is entering the final week of season 2021 today.

The recent promo for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on 06-03-2022 for this weekend episode shows the top 6 final contestants showing some moves on the song 'Naccho Naccho' while they make an entry to the finale episode.

The new promos of Saregamapa's current season also show Sanjana Bhat dancing on the song 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo' after which she sits on a luxurious seating with her family and thanks Saregamapa latest season for bringing this day in her life.

The latest promo of SAREGAMAPA 2022 for this weekend (6 March 2022) shows Neelanjana grooving on various Bollywood songs.

To download Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2022 all episodes or watch SaReGaMaPa 2021 latest full online episode, go to both Zee television and OTT platform Zee5.

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