SaReGaMaPa Lil Champs 9 22nd October 2022 Written Update, Episode 3, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 9

SaReGaMaPa Lil Champs 9 22nd October 2022 Written Update, Episode 3, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 9

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs Season 9 22nd October 2022 Written Update: Episode 3, Watch SaReGaMaPa Lil Champs 2022 Full Show Online, Top Performances, Selected Contestants, Judges, Host, Auditions

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs 22nd October 2022 Written Update:

Today’s episode starts with a contestant named Swara Joshi telling the judges that her family has been into music for a long time.

Swara surprises the judges with her singing of the song "Kajra Mohabbat Wala" and she gets selected and gets the silver medal.

Shankar then questions Swara’s family members if any of them has auditioned for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Swara’s granny replies that Swara’s mom is currently participating in Marathi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Afterward, Swara and her mom cheer up everyone’s mood with their sweet voice.

Further, Ankana De impresses the judges with her melodious singing of the "Chori" song and whistling.

She gets a standing ovation for her performance and gets selected along with a silver medal.

Shankar even urges Ankana to teach him whistling and she agrees.

Meanwhile, a contestant named Granthik comes to the stage and says his name is only Granthik.

Granthik's mom informs everyone that her husband left her when Granthik was born and she has to face a lot of struggles.

Hearing her story, Bharti gets teary eyes while the judges praise the mother for her braveness.

Granthik then gives a powerpack performance of the "Naina Thag Lenge" song and gets praised for his singing.

Anu even gives Granthik the name "Grathink Megha" and Granthik gets a silver medal.

Later, a contestant named Rajdeep Ghosh arrives on the stage and tells the judges that he loves his mom more as she cooks biriyani for him always.

Rajdeep cheers up the judges' mood with his signing "Chirodini Tumi Je Amar" song and two jury members come to the stage to pick him up on the shoulder.

He gets the silver medal and Anu treats him with biriyani.

Later, a participant named Athrav Bakshi sings the song "Mitwa" song and Shankar arrives on the stage to hug him.

Atharv Bakshi gets the gold medal and gets into the top twelve directly.

After they walk away, Shankar and some jury members sing the Mitwa song.

Meanwhile, Prayjot Gundale lit up the stage with his energetic singing.

The judges and the jury start dancing and he gets the silver medal.

End of today's 22nd October 2022 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs written update.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs New Season 2022 22nd October Latest Episode Updates, Promo, Auditions:

Zee TV’s reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs is back to showcase the singing talent of kids from around India.

The recent promo for the season 9 SaReGaMaPa Little Champs (22-10-2022) for this weekend shows a little girl winning the judges’ hearts with her melodious singing.

Hearing the girl’s voice, Neeti starts singing along with the girl joyfully.

One of the other promos for Saregamapa kids (22 October 2022) shows a contestant named Prajyot Gundale instantly lifting everyone’s mood with his energetic singing.

After the performance, the judges come to the stage to dance with Prajyot.

Download Saregamapa Season 2022 today's episode or watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs online on the OTT platform Zee5.

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