Shaadi Mubarak Review: K.T. and Preeti’s unique chemistry wins over viewers

Shaadi Mubarak Review: K.T. and Preeti’s unique chemistry wins over viewers

Shaadi Mubarak serial Review:

Star Plus’s serial drama show Shaadi Mubarak is an impressive portrayal of a middle-aged woman who is thrown out of her house by her own son.

Shaadi Mubarak serial is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions and stars Manav Gohil and Rati Pandey as the main leads.

Shaadi Mubarak’s story is similar to many TV serials and movies but still stands out because of excellent performances and dialogue delivery.

Shaadi Mubarak Story:

Shaadi Mubarak's story starts with a big revelation at the beginning about Preeti that she can speak and keep quiet for her son.

Her son, Tarun thinks she is just doing drama to gain attention and never respects her mother.

Rati, the wife of Tarun, is the worst daughter-in-law in history and treats her mother-in-law just as a servant.

The story progresses with Preeti being called a thief by her own son and is thrown out of the house.

She has no place to go so she seeks shelter at her beloved daughter’s house. Her daughter, Juhi is the epitome of love and care and understands her mother’s pain.

However, Juhi’s mother-in-law Kusum is a unique woman who has a different style to express love and concern.

While she initially opposes Preeti’s presence in her house, later on, she becomes a strong support system for Preeti.

Coming to the main lead’s story, K.T. is a Rajasthani actor who has a dark past with his wife.

His mother wants him to get married and settle again while K.T. wishes to live life for himself.

K.T. and Preeti cross paths and soon start a business Shaadi Mubarak. They face a lot of ups and downs and eventually get married.

Their relationship takes a new turn when K.T. and Preeti get married and confess their love for each other.

The recent episodes have seen an interesting new twist with Preeti losing her memory and K.T. taking care of their daughter alone.

Shaadi Mubarak Cast:

Female Lead Actress Rati Pandey as Preeti:

Rati Pandey portrays the role of Preeti in Shadi Mubarak serial. She carries the role gracefully with charm and affection.

Earlier the role was played by Rajshree Thakur who left the serial due to some personal reasons. Rati Pandey has stepped into her shoes effectively and brought a new light to the character.

Preeti is innocent initially but later her role develops into a fierce and independent woman.

Male Lead Actor Manav Gohil as Keertan Tibrewal (K.T.):

Manav Gohil is perfect for the role of K.T. as he brings charm to the character. The killer smile and attitude bring the character into life.

The role of K.T. is a mix of fun and light moments along with a witty sense of humor. He brings a new perspective to Preeti’s life and makes it even more bright.

K.T. loves Preeti and despite society's taunts, he supports her.

Shaadi Mubarak Review:

Shaadi Mubaarak is an average drama serial that brings a common story of a middle-aged lady who is neglected by her own son and daughter-in-law.

The narration of the show is however done beautifully with each character bringing in more and more intrigue in the serial.

Be it Tarun, the cruel son, or Rati, the negative daughter-in-law, all characters complete the essence of the story.

The limelight of the show is however stolen by Rajeshwari Sachdev who plays the role of Juhi’s mother-in-law Kusum Kothari.

Her acting is mind-blowing and she makes the show even more fun to watch. The acting of Rati Pandey and Manav Gohil is also outstanding as Preeti and K.T.

Overall Shaadi Mubarak (शादी मुबारक़) is the portrayal of an age-old drama with a new plotline.

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