Shubharambh Wiki, Wikipedia, Cast, Timings, Story, Actors, Real Names, Channel

Shubharambh Wiki, Wikipedia, Cast, Timings, Story, Actors, Real Names, Channel

Shubharambh Colors TV Serial Wiki:

Shubharambh is the story of Raja and Rani, who come from different backgrounds and fall in love.

Shubharambh main lead Raja is a simple boy with less confidence and belongs to a rich family while Rani is a smart girl and is from a poor family.

They both get married while Raja’s mother Asha learns later that Rani is poor. She plans to separate the loving couple in the story of Shubharambh.

Shubharambh serial is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions and stars Mahima Makwana and Akshit Sukhija in the lead roles.

Shubharambh audience can enjoy the cute and romantic love story of Raja and Rani who support each other to fight against various hurdles of life.

Here in this article, we are sharing the information about the cast and crew, story, gossips, and spoilers, twists & turns of Shubharambh serial.

Shubharambh Serial Details

Serial name



Daily Soap Drama Serial

Shubh Arambh Start Date

2nd December 2019

Telecast Days


Shubharambh Telecast Timings

9 pm


Colors TV

OTT Platform




Shubharambh serial Crew/Team members


Shashi Mittal
Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal

Shubharambh No. of Seasons 


Production Company (s) 

Shashi-Sumeet Productions

Shubharambh Star Plus Full Star Cast, Roles, Real/Character Names, Actors, Actresses

Real Name

Shubharambh Character Name and Role Played

Mahima Makwana

Rani Dave Reshammiya-Female lead

Akshit Sukhija

Raja Reshammiya-Male lead

Vaishnavi Mahant

Vrinda Dave-Rani’s mother

Pallavi Rao

Asha Reshammiya-Raja’s mother

Rakesh Kukreti

Dhanwant Reshammiya- Asha’s husband, Raja’s father

Meghan Jadhav

Utsav Dave-Vrinda’s son, Rani’s brother

Vaidehi Dharmecha

Chukki Dave- Rani’s sister

Rahul Patel

Popat Shah-Chukki’s husband

Jiten Lalwani

Gunwant Reshammiya- Dhanwant’s brother, Raja’s uncle

Chhaya Vora

Kritida Reshammiya- Gunvant’s wife

Vaibhavi Mahajan

Kesha Reshammiya- Kritida and Gunwant’s daughter

Shubharambh Serial Story/Plot/Latest Updates

The story of Shubharambh revolves around the love story of Raja and Rani and the struggles they face to stay together.

Despite a lot of hindrances in their relationship, Raja and Rani continue to support each other in difficult situations.

Shubh Arambh story progresses as Asha starts creating troubles for them when she learns Rani is poor after marriage.

After Asha, Gunwant targets Raja and Rani by trying to get the whole of the property and business in his name.

Further Raja and Rani participate in a shoe-making competition named Mera Joota Hai Hindustani.

Based on spoilers of Shubharambh serial, the latest problem in Raja and Rani’s relationship will arise when Rani’s ex Mihir will return to their life.

Let’s see if Raja and Rani stay together under all odds or not in upcoming episodes of Shubharambh serial.

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