Smart Jodi 13th March 2022 Written Update, Episode 4, Best Wedding Jodi Winner

Smart Jodi 13th March 2022 Written Update, Episode 4, Best Wedding Jodi Winner

Smart Jodi 13th March 2022 Written Update: Episode 4, Full Show Online Marriage Special Continues

Today's Smart Jodi 13th March 2022 episode continues with the wedding episode of previous weeks starting with Manish welcoming everyone to the Smart Jodi’s platform.

Ankita and Vicky

Smart Jodi begins with Ankita and Vicky performing on "Ek Tu Hai Ek Jaan Hai".

Dressed in a golden dress with heavy embroidery and jewellery to match, Ankita’s beauty sparkled and while Vicky looks equally dashing in cream Sherwani embossed in golden self-print.

Manish keeps teasing them and creates the atmosphere light and interesting. At Ankita’s mother's request, Ankita and Vicky perform the wedding ceremony in a Marathi style.

During the Warmala ceremony, contestants raise both Ankita and Vicky on their shoulders and tease them by keeping them at distance. However, Vicky throws the garland in Ankita’s neck making everyone laugh. A very cute tradition of pulling the bridegroom’s ear is also carried out between waves of laughter and smiles.

Later, Manish tasks Ankita and Vicky with another interesting wedding tradition of finding the ring in which Ankita wins.

Arjun Bijlani's Silent Baraat

Appearing on stage with their performance on performs on "Suniyo Re" Arjun Bijlani and Neha Bijlani lit the stage. Arjun shares his fun wedding experience where his Barati’s had to use their headphones to dance to the music while the procession proceeded in silence.

Vicky asks to compensate Arjun's silent Barat and asks all the Smart Jodis' to recreate Arjun's wedding procession with pomp this time. Ritu walks with her daughter and joins Gaurav dancing to the tune of "Thare Jaisa Na Koi" dazzling everyone with their performance.

Ritu regales her struggle in manipulating her family while keeping them in dark about Gaurav's background, to marry the love of her life. She also honours Gaurav by calling him Ram of her life.

Srikanth and Vidya

Complimenting the evergreen love of Srikkanth’s and Vidya’s reflected in their performance on "Mann Mast Magan", Manish welcomes them. Srikkanth entertains the audience by performing the "Sattapati" tradition of southern weddings and calls staying at the feet of one’s wife is the "Guru Mantra" of a successful marriage.

Monalisa and Vikrant

Monalisa and Vikrant appear on stage dancing beautifully on “Soniya Soniya”, talking about personal life and judgemental views of people regarding her wedding with Vikrant being fake.

Monalisa praises Vikrant for being the best partner who has supported her through thin and thick and always respecting her despite the harsh judgements of the world.

Warmala Test and Chair Tower

After that round two of the "Warmala test" was conducted among the rest of the five Jodis in which Ritu-Gaurav and Neha-Arjun passes with flying colours securing themselves as Smart Jodi Season 1 finalists.

Explaining the rules to the contestants, Manish reveals the task of putting the wife on the chair tower. All the finalists of Smart Jodis performed with zeal with Balraj giving a tough competition to Vikrant.

In the end, Smart Jodi’s "First Best Wedding Jodi" honour is awarded to Vikrant and Monalisa with the 24 chairs high tower score.

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