Smart Jodi 23rd April 2022, April 24th April 2022 Episode 10 Smart Jodi Winner

Smart Jodi 23rd April 2022, April 24th April 2022 Episode 10 Smart Jodi Winner

Smart Jodi 23rd April 2022, 24th April 2022 Written Update: Episode 10 Today, Pati Vs Patni Special, Smart Jodi Winner This Week, Watch Full Show online (Hotstar)

Smart Jodi is a reality show on Star Plus and its timings are 8:00 PM every Sunday.

The main focus of the Smart Jodi show is to measure the compatibility and chemistry among Smart Jodis through various games and tasks.

The latest promo of Smart Jodi this Sunday (24 April 2022) looks entertaining and competitive in this Pati Vs Patni Special episode.

There are times in every couple's life when they come face to face with each other and become competitive. it may be a difference of opinion or a difference of choice in food or furniture. They clash with each other but at the same time feel incomplete and want to get back together as well.

In Episode 10 of Smart Jodi (24.04.2022), Patis will form one team and Patnis will form another team and instead of competing with each other, they will compete against each other. 

Balraj and Himalaya team up together against Bhagyyashree and Deepti, but Himalaya is already missing Bhagyashree. To Himalaya, Balraj feels like a Great Wall of China separating him from Bhagyashree. 

At the same time, Balraj's quips on Himalaya, during his brief separation with Bhagyashree, adding delightful punch to the whole episode.

To add spice to an already spicy episode, many interesting and fun tasks are awaiting the Smart Jodis couple who will perform them separately and against each other.

Get ready to make this Sunday full of entertainment, bantering, love, and laughter with Smart Jodi airing on Star Plus at 8 PM.

Smart Jodi 24th April 2022 Latest Promo Update:

Smart Jodi 24th April 2022 Written Update:

Manish welcoming India to episode 10 of Smart Jodi.

He tells that Smart Jodi is a unique platform where not only Smart Jodis meets every week but also exposes different aspects of their relationship for the world to understand and compare.

Through this platform, Arjun and Neha’s understanding and care for each other, Bhagyashree and Himalaya’s evergreen love despite 33 years, and Srikkanth and Vidhya's togetherness despite their clashing personality is presented to the world.

Afterwards, Manish enquires the Smart Jodis about finding strength in their partner. 

Himalaya and Neil both reply in the affirmative.

He further asks them what will happen when their strength’s become their competition?

Himalaya tells them that they will face them and win.

On that note, Manish tells them that today is the day when Pati will face their Patni’s and India will find out whether ‘Patis’ are best or ‘Patnis’.

First Round: Jack Fruit Pulp.

For the first round, Manish calls on stage Srikkant-Vidhya, Neil-Aishwarya and Monalisa and Vikrant.

Pati’s are in one team while Patni’s are in another.

In this game, both the teams have to break the jack fruit and take out the pulp from inside. 

Whoever brings out the pulp first will be the winner. 

The twist of the game is that there will be no Knife!

Both the teams perform with enthusiasm and dedication and Patni's gives a tough competition to the Patis.

As this is the game of strength mostly, the Patis win this round.

Second Round: Bura Na Mano Jodi Hai

For this round, Neil-Vicky and Arjun-Neha are the contestants.

In this test, there will be 25 bad habits written on the board, one team has to select five bad habits while the other has to guess what are the bad habits their partner has selected for them.

Ankita will guess for Neil while Neha will write for Arjun and he will guess.

Between the bantering and jokes, the round comes to an end. 

The ‘Patnis’ win the round and equal their score.

After the round, Manish announces that India can vote for their favourite Jodi and make it the Colgate Smiles Club Most Popular Smart Jodi and the voters will get a lifetime membership and a chance to win gift hampers.

Third Round: Date Set-up

Gaurav-Ritu, Himalaya-Bhagyashree and Balraj-Deepti come on stage as participants.

In this game, contestants have to create a set-up shown in a photo from memory and whoever arranges the setup will win the round as well as the game on the whole.

This is the game of memory and both the teams put forward their best memory game.

However, the ‘Patni's’ team are the proud winner of this round by defeating their husbands.

By winning this final round Patnis also wins the whole tournament and once again proves to the world that Patnis are the best.

Team Patnis is awarded ‘Smile Ka Shagun’ from Colgate and a gift hampers by India Gate.

To get to know more, download Smart Jodi or watch Smart Jodi's latest full episode online on both Star Plus and the OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

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