Smart Jodi 26th February 2022, 27th February 2022, Episodes 1 & 2 Latest Promo

Smart Jodi 26th February 2022, 27th February 2022, Episodes 1 & 2 Latest Promo

Smart Jodi 26th February 2022, 27th February 2022 Star Plus Promo Written Update: Episode 1, Episode 2

Smart Jodi is a reality show that is going to air on 26 February 2022. Since it will be a weekend reality show, its timings will be 8:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday. 

This show will have dance, drama, romance, and much more but its main attraction will be the life of Jodi's, who are in a commitment, be it marriage or live-in or engagement.

This show will not only focus on compatibility with diversity but will also present a glimpse of a real-life partnership with some of your favorite actors. 

The recent promos of Smart Jodi for this weekend (26 February 2022, 27 February 2022) show Bhagyashree and Himalaya Dasaani. Bhagyashree of 'Maine Pyar Kiya' is an iconic movie actress whose very first role has won hearts for decades. 

Another revealed Jodi is of Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt and Neil Bhatt who are already rising in popularity through a daily soap, 'Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyar Mein'.

The new promo of Smart Jodi (26.02.2022, 27.02.2022) shows Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain who recently got married after more than two years of relationship.

As the sources reveals, Monalisa Biswas and Vikrant Singh Rajput, Gaurav and Ritu Taneja, Arjun and Neha Bijlani, Natalia Ilina and Rahul Mahajan, Ankit Tiwari and Pallavi Shukla, and Vidya Srikkanth and K.Srikkanth will also be seen in the show. 

Get ready for a weekend full of entertainment, love, and laughter with Smart Jodi.

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Smart Jodi 26th February 2022, 27th February 2022 Written Update, Latest Promo:

Smart Jodi 26th February 2022 Written Update:

After a long wait, Smart Jodi is finally here to color your weekends. The only reality show based on the concept of marriage showcasing love, compatibility, and complexity within marriage, between the 10 best Celebrity Jodis.

Manish Paul makes a thunderous appearance and assumes responsibility as the Host.

In today's episode, Neil and Aishwarya are introduced as the first Smart Jodi contestants. They beautifully make an appearance while performing on the song “ O Saavre!”.

Amidst their playful teasing, Neil and Aishwarya describe their first meeting and wedding and lack of time to enjoy their honeymoon.

Teasing the couple about the lack of honeymoon, Manish assures both of them, to have faith in this show and presents them with the dice of the task, labeled with interesting tasks.

After Neil and Aishwarya, Bhagyashree and Himalaya Dasani perform on the song “Dil Deewana” and “Maine Pyar Kiya.”

Manish presents Bhagyashree with a ‘Friends cap’ symbolizing her debut movie and flirts with her. 

However, Himalaya acts possessive. Manish later applauds both Himalaya and Bhagyashree for 33 years of their successful marriage.

While reminiscing about the past, Bhagyashree tells Manish of Himalaya and her being childhood sweethearts and how Himalaya makes her feel special from the very beginning.

Later, Bhagyashree and Himalaya also reveal the secret to staying happily married and still in love.

Meanwhile, Manish presents Himalaya with a blindfold and tasks him into identifying Bhagyashree among others. Himalaya makes the task utterly interesting till the end.

The next Smart Jodi to be brought forward is Rahul Mahajan and Natalia Illani who are confident of winning this show. The song on which Rahul performs to his heart desire is “Tenu Leke Main Jawanga.”

Rahul unveils his wife, Nataliya Mahajan on the stage, who is from Kazakhstan. Nataliya showcases her knowledge of Hindi with a cute accent making everyone laugh.

Handing a future predicting prop to Rahul, Manish quizzes Rahul about future plans to which Rahul and Nataliya wittily answer the questions.

To add spice to the grand premier Monalisa makes a surprise appearance performing on ‘Nazar’s title song’, Monalisa re-enters in her usual Bhojpuri style dance accompanied by Vikrant Singh.

Like all the smart Jodis, Vikrant and Monalisa also share their first meeting moments. 

Later Vikrant confesses to loving Mona because Mona is true to herself and is innocent.

Manish welcomes them to Smart Jodi and escorts them to their place. 

End of 26th February 2022 Smart Jodi episode.

Smart Jodi 27th February 2022 Written Update:

This episode starts with Manish Paul making an entrance on the stage and inviting today’s first and season’s fifth Smart Jodi.

To Manish Surprise, a young boy informs him that he is here to introduce his father, who is a host like Manish and his mother who looks after the house.

Realising Ayan is talking about Arjun Bijlani and Neha Bijlani, Manish invites them to stage.

Arjun appears on the stage while delivering words of eternal love and joins the crew in performing on the Song “Janam Janam Janam Saath Chalna Yunhi” he welcomes Neha Bijlani on stage with graceful steps of ball dance and they further glide with each other on the well-choreographed song. Happiness in their eyes and face during their performance speaks volumes of their love for each other.

Later, Manish praises Neha for dancing so gracefully for the first time on stage. Arjun speaks of his first meeting with Neha eighteen years back. They both recall the most beautiful moment when Arjun proposed and that too on very fourth today.

This recollection brings happy tears to Neha’s eyes. Arjun bends down on his knees to present Neha with a rose. In a gesture of love, he surprises Neha with a video of places that had witnessed their love. 

Arjun’s late-night visit to Neha’s aunt's house seems like a scene from Romeo and Juliet where Arjun climbs the house gate to meet Neha.

The Tale of the Siddhi Vinayak temple and the ‘Ashok’s Wada Pao’ that has made them feel rich is equally heart touching.

Talks about his son, Ayan’s first heartbeat brings joyful tears to their eyes. Finally, Arjun expresses his gratefulness to Neha for her support.

To add spice to their story, Manish invites Ayan on the stage to reveal family secrets. Knowing Neha pampers Arjun more than Ayan makes everyone laugh whereas Arjun kissing Neha more than Ayan tickles everyone including Ayan.

Afterward, Manish calls upon the stage, former cricketer and 1983 world cup champion Kris Srikkanth and his wife Vidya Srikkanth who has been in a successful partnership for 39 years.

Srikkanth and Vidhya's video film describes Srikkanth and Vidhya's first meeting in 1980 and Srikkanth proposing her then and there. His cute insecurity beautifully describes Vidhya's beauty in his eyes.

Srikkanth's dance performance is choreographed around Kris Srikanth being a cricketer and belonging to the southern region of India.

On Manish’s inquisition, Srikkanth in his unique commentator style invites Vidhya on stage.

Vidhya and Srikanth playfully banter on stage about each other's personal habits.

Manish adds his insight on having separate bathrooms, separate bedrooms and separate houses, a real marriage mover for years and years.

Manish shows a video tribute to Srikkkanth successful career and his friend's love for him. Kapil Dev declares him lucky for having Vidhya in his life and teasingly asks her how has she been tolerating him for so many years.

Meanwhile, Manish asks Srikkanth to present the rose to Vidhya which he does with great mirth and Vidhya reciprocates his love by giving him a rose in return.

Later, Manish calls Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain on stage. Ankita’s entrance on the song “Romeo, Romeo” ignites the stage while Vicky compliments her by performing on “Badri ki Dulhania.” They finish their performance with “Balam Saame”

Their newly married couple glow is all over their faces. On being shown a very old pic, Ankita tells everyone, how they had been acquainted for years and never clicked until 3 years back when Vicky Jain stood by her in her time of need.

They also talks of how Sushant's suicide affected them and made them stronger as a couple.

Manish also praises Vicky Jain for being so supportive and loving despite everything.

Ankita speaks of Vicky’s love and expresses her gratefulness for loving her like no other.

Manish tasks Ankita and Vicky in feeding Sweets to each other without using their hands which Ankita and Vicky perform exceptionally well.

Srikkanth asks Himalaya to use the opportunity to practice for a third child. Himalaya kissing her on stage make Bhagyashree blush.

To make the show more entertaining, Manish invites Arjun Bijlani and Vicky Jain to come to the stage and perform the same task. Later, Ankita and Neha also participated to prove their chemistry is better than their husbands.

After that Manish invites Balraaj and Deepti Tuli on stage.

Balraaj enters on stage with a plate of laddoo and advises all bachelors to eat this laddoo but not “Shadi ka laddoo”.

Balraaj presents his point of view on marriage while Deepti Tuli enters and pulls Balraaj leash on speaking about marriage so badly.

Balraaj speaks of their first meeting during the lockdown and then losing his heart while being together.

Later, Manish tasks Balraaj to propose Deepti using items from the box.  Balraaj however performed the task with immense zeal.

After a while, Balraaj romantically proposes to Deepti on a serious note with tears in his eyes.

The next Smart Jodi to come on stage is Ankit Tiwari who melodiously sings “Teri Galiyan” during which Pallavi Shukla joins him.

Manish applauds Ankit's performance and asks him how he got roped into an arranged marriage. Pallavi speaks of her struggle in their initial years of marriage and how she has left him after a while.

Ankit also puts his perspective forward and how he felt when Pallavi left him alone and takes his daughter too. That proves to be a turning point in their relationship and brings them back together.

Ankit becomes emotional and Bhagyashree praises him.

Ankit sings for Pallavi, a beautiful song “Tu Hai Ki Nahin.”

Manish introduces Next Smart Jodi Ritu Taneja and Gaurav Taneja, through a video.

Ritu and Gaurav Taneja bring with them their darling daughter Kayera Taneja.

Ritu also talks about her first meeting with Gaurav making him blush.

Manish asks Gaurav to express his love for Ritu while doing push-ups. He also invites Rahul Mahajan to give Gaurav company.

Finally, Rahul gave up thereby leaving Gaurav a winner.

With all Smart Jodis introduced, this episode concludes with a promise of another entertaining episode next week.

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