Smart Jodi 30th April 2022, 1st May 2022,  Episode 11

Smart Jodi 30th April 2022, 1st May 2022, Episode 11

Smart Jodi 30th April 2022, 1st May 2022 Written Update: Episode 11 Today, Family Special, Smart Jodi Winner This Week, Watch Full Show online (Hotstar)

Smart Jodi is a reality show on Star Plus and its timings are 8:00 PM every Sunday.

The main focus of the Smart Jodi show is to measure the compatibility and chemistry among Smart Jodis through various games and tasks.

The latest promo of Smart Jodi this Sunday (1 May 2022) looks emotional and holds the secrets of making celebrities.

Family is something that only the blessed people have. The presence of parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and grandparents are the essence of a family that strongly binds the couple in their warmest hugs. 

This week Smart Jodi’s family special episode will bring forwards the families of Smart Jodis who will regale us with stories about Smart Jodis that motivated them to become celebrities.

In Episode 11 of Smart Jodi (1.5.2022), Neha’s father tells about Arjun’s life before he was a celebrity and his motivation for becoming who he is today.

On the other hand, Vicky will feel shy while sharing his deepest feeling about his father with him.

This week's episode is particularly entertaining as families of Smart Jodis will get to participate in the various task that would lead one Smart Jodi towards elimination. 

Get ready to make this Sunday full of entertainment, emotional moments, love, and laughter with Smart Jodi airing on Star Plus at 8 PM.

Smart Jodi 1st May 2022 Latest Episode Promo Update:

Smart Jodi 1st May 2022 Written Update:

Smart Jodi 1st May 2022 episode 11, starts with Manish talking about the union of two people after marriage and how a bride gets a new family.

In today's family special the families will also participate in the test.

Vicky praises Ankita’s family values and their love for each other.

Ritu also praises her father-in-law for being the strong support of the family.

First Test: Mere Sawalon Ka Jawab Do

The participants of this round are Srikkanth-Vidhya, Balraj-Deepti and her mother, and Arjun-Neha and her father.

As the name suggests, participants have to answer the question. It is a buzzer round and only 10 seconds will be given to answer.

All three Smart Jodis performed enthusiastically to give tough competition to each other. 

However, Arjun-Neha won the tasks with 40 marks and qualifies for the top three Smart Jodis.

Srikkanth-Vidhya loses the round and gets qualified for the bottom three Smart Jodi.

Second Test: Rasode Mein Kaun Tha

Ankita-Vicky and their mother and Neil-Aishwarya and their mother participate in this round.

In this round, both the Jodis will have to prepare ‘Aaloo Matar’ and ‘Poori’ using the ingredients on the counter.

The twist of this game is mother and wife will only help in sauteing and frying while the rest of the work has to be done by the husband. 

The contestants will have 15 minutes to perform the task.

Both Neil and Vicky, under the female guidance get to work and get hooted by the other Smart Jodis. 

However, the task winner becomes Vicky-Ankita for getting the highest marks in the test and gets qualified for the top three Smart Jodis.

Neil-Aishwarya goes to the bottom 3 Smart Jodis after scoring low in the test.

Third Test: Race Malai

Himalaya-Bhagyashree and children, Gaurav-Ritu and father and brother and Vikrant-Monalisa and sisters are the participants in this round.

In this round, there are joint rings in which each member of the family has to stand in and then pick the ball and keep it in the last ring and drag it to the net and transfer it.

Whichever Smart Jodi finishes the task first will be the winner and get qualified in the top 3 Smart Jodi.

After planning the strategy to perform the task, all three Jodis begin taking the ball to its destination.

All the Smart Jodis perform beautifully in this challenging task trying to get ahead of one another.

Finally, Himalaya-Bhagyashree wins the task and gets qualified for the Top three Smart Jodis.

Another tie-breaker round is given to Ritu-Gaurav and Vikrant-Monalisa to determine the finalist for the Bottom three Smart Jodi.

Monalisa-Vikrant loses to both Gaurav-Ritu and Himalaya-Bhagyashree and gets qualified to the bottom three Smart Jodi.

Final Test (Top Three Smart Jodi): Main Jooru Ka Shringar Kerke Rahoonga

The contestants of the top three Smart Jodi are Arjun-Neha, Ankita-Vicky and Himalaya-Bhagyashree.

In this round, the husbands have to dress their wives in Saree and use other ornaments like bangles and ‘Gajra’ to get them ready.

The Jodi who finishes the task first and with precision will become the Best Smart Jodi of the week.

The husbands very diligently participate in the task while wives help them by giving instructions.

Himalaya-Bhagyashree wins this entertaining task and becomes the Best Smart Jodi of the Week.

Manish presents them with the Gathbandhan trophy.

Final Test (Bottom Three Smart Jodi): Bharose Ki Agni Pareeksha

The participants of this round are Srikkanth-Vidhya, Vikrant-Monalisa and Neil-Aishwarya.

Srikkanth-Vidhya gets saved by securing the maximum votes and Neil-Aishwarya and Monalisa-Vikrant are left to compete to save themselves from being eliminated.

In this test, husbands will be blindfolded and have to rely on the guidance of their wives to cross the way through the glasses and topple them as little as possible.

The Smart Jodi with the least toppled glasses will win the round and get saved while the other Smart Jodi will be evicted from the show.

The task is definitely challenging but Vikrant and Neil perform to the best of their abilities under their wives' supervision.

Neil-Aishwarya wins this difficult task and saves themselves from being eliminated in this episode.

Despite their best efforts Virant-Monalisa loses the task and gets eliminated.

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