Smart Jodi 3rd April 2022, Episode 7, Star Plus Latest Written Updates Today

Smart Jodi 3rd April 2022, Episode 7, Star Plus Latest Written Updates Today

Smart Jodi 3rd April 2022 Written Update: Episode 7, Smart Jodi Winner This Week, Watch Full Show online on Hotstar

Smart Jodi is a reality show on Star Plus and its timings will be 8:00 PM every Sunday.

The main focus of the Smart Jodi show is to measure the compatibility and chemistry among Smart Jodis through various games and tasks.

The latest promo of Smart Jodi this Sunday (3-4-2022) looks touching as it will bring to light some of the darkest hours of these Smart Jodi’s life and how they struggled through them. 

In this episode 7 of Smart Jodi, Bhagyashree and Himalaya will entertain and impress the audience with their cooking skills while Bhagyashree will regale the audience with stories of her first years of marriage as a cook.

On the other hand, Arjun and Neha will share their darkest moment when they had to choose reality over love.

These emotional moments will be balanced by the fun tasks that are lined up this week to select the ‘Best Smart Jodi of the week’ award.

Get ready to make this Sunday (3 April 2022) full of entertainment, love, and laughter with Smart Jodi available to watch on Star Plus at 8 PM. 

To get to know more, download Smart Jodi or watch Smart Jodi's latest full episode online on both Star Plus and the OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

Smart Jodi 3rd April 2022 Episode Update Promo:

Smart Jodi 3rd April 2022 Written Update:

Today's Smart Jodi 3rd April 2022 episode starts with host Maniesh Paul welcoming all. Manish compares marriage with Maths where sorrows are subtracted, relatives are added, happiness is multiplied but what gets divided is work. 

Manish excludes Srikkanth from this division of work, as Vidhya prefers that he helps her by not helping at all whereas Himalaya is accused of being good at distracting Bhagyashree whenever there is talk of work. 

Manish calls this episode; ‘Kuch Tera Kuch Mera’ special. 

In today's episode, there will be three rounds. Two rounds will be between three Smart Jodis while one round will be between four Smart Jodis. 

The winners of these rounds will have to take a final test and earn the place of ‘Best Smart Jodi of the week’.

Rounds 1: Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho

Himalaya-Bhagyashree, Shrikkanth-Vidhya and Rahul-Natalia are the participants in the first round. In this round, contestants have to make Rotis from the scratch. 

The Smart Jodi that will make the maximum Rotis will win. To make the task interesting, one hand of both partners will be tied together.

All three Jodis performed brilliantly, between laughter and fumbling, these Jodi gave a good impression of teamwork. 

The winner of this round is Bhagyashree and Himalaya with 5 Rotis.

After the round, Manish asks Bhagyashree about her first years of marriage as a cook.

Bhagyashree regales about how she was not an accomplished cook, especially in Marwadi cuisines and how her mother in law helped her. 

Himalaya praises Bhagyashree for keeping his family intact like a pearl necklace.

After a while, keeping Himalaya’s desire for another child in mind, Manish tasks Himalaya to show that he can take care of the child by playing with a doll.

Round 2: Ghar Ki Knowledge

Vicky-Ankita, Vikrant-Monalisa and Ritu-Gaurav are the participants in the second round.

Before starting the round, Vikrant reveals the iron-clad will of Monalisa during a family emergency and how thankful he was for her support.

Similarly, Gaurav also praises Ritu for her hard work and doing double jobs as a professional pilot and housewife, while he only does one.

However, Ankita’s story is a bit different as she speaks about Vicky doing everything for her and is thankful for his love and support at all times for which she lovingly calls him ‘Vicku Genie’.

Later, Manish explains the rules of the round in which Manish will quiz them about home knowledge questions. It is a buzzer round so a Smart Jodi with maximum points will win the round.

A lot of enthusiasm is seen among Smart Jodi contestants while answering the question. Ankita and Vicky give a tough competition to both Gaurav and Ritu.

However, Gaurav and Ritu become the proud winners of this round with four hundred points.

Later, Manish presents Ankita and Vicky with a very beautiful wedding gift.

Round 3: Nichod Aaye Hum Wo Tauliya

Balraj-Deepti, Arjun-Neha, Neil-Aishwarya and Ankit-Pallavi are the contestants in this round. 

In this round, couples have to soak the ‘Tauliya’(towel) in the water then carry it to the ‘Balti’(tub) and then ‘Nichod’(drain) in it. The Smart Jodi with maximum water in the balti will win.

The dedication of the participants in this round is commendable. All the Smart Jodis give good competition to each other.

The winner of this round is Neil and Aishwarya with 7.9 litres of water.

Afterwards, Manish asks Arjun and Neha about their son and the struggle they went through while raising a child.

Arjun reveals the fear and insecurity that had come with the realisation that he is going to be a parent. And their first response was flight, where they decided not to have a baby. On that decisive day, while they were waiting at the doctor's clinic, suddenly Arjun changed his mind and they decided to have Ayan and ever since, they never looked back.

Final Round:

Neil-Aishwarya, Himalaya-Bhagyashree and Gaurav-Ritu are the finalists of this round.

In this round, the contestant has to ready a child for school by ironing his cloth, preparing tiffin for him, etc.

Whoever finishes the task first will be the winner. To make the task more interesting, only husbands will do the work while wives will guide them.

All the kids added fun to the task, with their antics, while all the Smart Jodis performs diligently. 

The award for the ‘Best Smart Jodi of the week’ goes to Gaurav and Ritu who were presented with Gathbandhan Jodi, to mark their win.

With this, Smart Jodi Episode 7 comes to an end with the promise of another episode, next week, filled with fun tasks and more inside stories.

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