Smart Jodi 5th & 6th March 2022, Episode 3 Latest Promo, Written Updates Today

Smart Jodi 5th & 6th March 2022, Episode 3 Latest Promo, Written Updates Today

Smart Jodi 5th March 2022, 6th March 2022 Written Update: Episode 3, Marriage Special This Week

Smart Jodi is a reality show on Star Plus and its timings will be 8:00 PM every Sunday.

The main focus of the Smart Jodi show is to measure the compatibility and chemistry among Smart Jodis through various games and tasks.

The latest promo of Smart Jodi this Sunday (6.3.2022) looks promising with married couples reliving their moment of marriage and reveals some hard reality about their first years of marriage.

The episode starts where Himalay and Bhagyashree will begin the marriage rituals presenting a dashing evergreen couple and concluding with Neha Bijlani and Arjun Bijlani's pompous marriage ceremony accompanied by all the Smart Jodis adding sparkle in their very elegant yet traditional finery.

It seems costume designers of Smart Jodi have gone out of their way to make every Smart Jodi look unique but very stylish.

This emotional saga will turn into full-on entertainment when Smart Jodis will perform a very interesting but unpredictable task to win the title of this week's Smart Jodi winner.

Get ready to make this Sunday (6 March 2022) full of entertainment, love, and laughter with Smart Jodi available to watch on Star Plus at 8 PM. 

Download Smart Jodi or watch Ishmart Jodi's latest full episode online on both Star Plus and OTT platform Disney Hotstar.

Smart Jodi (SJ) 6th March 2022 Written Update Promo:

Smart Jodi (SJ) 6th March 2022 Written Update:

Today’s Smart Jodi episode starts with Manish Paul welcoming everyone while at the same time describing today’s theme which is for every Smart Jodi, to relive their wedding day. 

Manish calls himself Abdullah of these weddings who will enjoy each wedding party like it is his own.

He invites on stage Himalaya and Bhagyashree as first Jodi.

Himalaya and Bhagyashree set the wedding atmosphere on stage by performing  on “Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna”  looking no lesser than iconic couple Shahrukh Khan and Kajol of “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.”

After their performance, Manish approaches them asking them to share their feelings about being married.

Himalaya's poetic confession about still finding Bhagyashree as beautiful as the first glimpse makes her blush with happiness and love.

Bhagyashree also shares her love for Mehndi which she applied every day for a whole year and also today and asks Himalaya to search his name in her Mehndi which is also a very cute custom between an Indian bride and bridegroom. Himalaya makes Bhagyashree proud and also flirts in the process.

Later, Himalaya recalls his wedding night and unexpected welcome, making Bhagyashree blush at the recollection. The display of their wedding pictures makes the viewers realise that they still make a remarkable Jodi as they were on their wedding day.

Manish questions their memories of their time too which Bhagyashree recalls an emotional moment telling all that only Himalaya and his family were present at the wedding but no one from her family was there and her mother-in-law offers to give her whatever she desires which for Bhagyashree was Mehndi.

Manish's curiousness to know about Bhagyashree’s family’s absence made Bhagyashree tell about her family's objection to their marriage.

She defends her family’s love by giving reasons for their objection. She even tells her struggle in convincing her parents and leaving them behind for Himalaya.

Later, Manish announces everyone to be from the Bhagyashhree side in this wedding.  

Everyone joins the happy couple on the stage and the wedding ceremony is performed with full-on fun and pomp.

Bhagyashree later seeks forgiveness from her parents if she hurts them earlier but it was unintentional and she loves them but Himalaya as well.

After a while, Manish invites Neil and Aishwarya, the second Smart Jodi on stage while teasing them about not having a honeymoon yet.

Aishwarya’s graceful moves and Neils's expressive dance performance lit the stage. Garbed in their wedding finery they look ravishing.

After their performance, Manish enquiries bring out Neils's feelings on their wedding day.

Despite knowing Aishwarya from before Neil shares his experience of seeing Aishwarya’s arrival at the wedding venue and how unreal it felt seeing her as a wife for the first time.

A video clipping of their marriage was played for the audience making Neil and Aishwarya nostalgically happy.

Himalaya dedicates beautiful poetry to Aishwarya from Neil making them genuinely happy.

Later, on being asked about any traditional ritual that hasn’t been performed yet, Aishwarya admits to not being initiated in Neils Kitchen. She asks Manish to play a surprise video that she has prepared for Neil.

She calls Neil traditional and playfully cooks for Neil, “a Kansaar.” She lovingly thanked Neil for being such a loving and caring husband.

Afterwards, they both feed Kansaar prepared earlier by Aishwarya to each other and the rest of the Smart Jodi’s also enjoyed the traditional Gujrati sweet called Kansaar.

Inspired by Aishwarya’s cooking Manish asks other Jodi’s about their first cooking experience after marriage.

Bhagyashree tells about preparing fancy Chinese food for the whole family that they were not really appreciative of, what with being a lover of Indian food.

While Ankita talks of not going to the kitchen so far and Vicky recalls her failed attempt of making a Poha into halwa and he learned a lesson to keep Ankita away from the kitchen.

After exiting the stage Himalaya and Bhagyashree graciously presented Neil and Aishwarya with “Shagun” money, making them happy and grateful.

Later, Balraj and Deepti were called on Stage as third Smart Jodi and performing on a peppy number “Bajne De Taashe Dhol.”

On being asked what it feels like to relive the moments, Balraj declares this experience to be better because he wasn’t able to enjoy his earlier wedding being under stress, due to lockdown.

He also complains of cooking for twenty people a few hours before his wedding.

Deepti talks about Balraaj being a lost soul and missing his mother so much. She tells about Balraj's gesture of carving a tattoo of her mother on his right arm to feel her presence.

Making everyone emotional, he tells everyone that mothers are important for boys also on their wedding day.

Later, Balraj's tattoo of his mother and aunt is shown on screen who are responsible for giving him the best childhood memories.

Bhagyashree appreciates Balraaj for having the love of two mothers.

Balraaj's regalia of his childhood days without his mother’s love brings tears to everyone's eyes. Balraj also confesses his love for Deepti and inspire everyone to love their wife like their life.

After a very emotional moment, Manish calls up on stage another scintillating Smart Jodi. Ankit and Pallavi Tiwari, whose love has crossed the proverbial  “Aag ka Dariya” to be with each other.

Ankit sings “Tere Mast Mast Do Nain” for Pallavi while Pallavi danced on his tune.

Manish also asks Ankit about his feeling about being wed again on Smart Jodi Stage.

Ankit and Pallavi feel honoured and happy to relive their best moments with the feeling of love included in it.

Pallavi expresses her gratefulness for Ankit’s support after her father’s demise.

Manish later calls upon stage Ankit’s grandmother to know about arranging a marriage between Pallavi and Ankit.

Amma recalls her experience of seeing Pallavi for the first time on a Jhansi station. She tells everyone that she become so impressed with Pallavi that she proposes to her then and there.

Manish tags this episode of Pallavi and Ankit's arrange marriage as “Shadi arranged by Dadi at Kanpur railway station.”

Showing Amma’s video of dance during the wedding Manish requests amma to dance a few steps too.

However, Amma's dance was out of the world and equally graceful. Other Jodi’s also joins Amma on the dance floor to dance with Amma adding lustre to entertainment.

Afterwards, Manish explains to everyone about the Smart Jodi test and selects the first five Jodi to perform on the stage. 

All the husbands are arranged in a box and wives are asked to throw a ring on their husband’s head. They will get three attempts for that and only two Smart Jodis will go in the next round.

The first chance is given to Vidya whose first attempt land on Ankit's head, making him the object of jokes. On the third attempt, Vidhya's ring reaches Srikkanth's head making him one happy man.

The second attempt is given to Bhagyashree whose first attempt lands towards Ankit embarrassing him and being called names by other husbands.

Later, one of the three rings did land on Himalaya making him gleeful.

After that Aishwarya is given a turn whose only target was Neil but only one reaches his head.

Next came Pallavi whose very first attempt succeed and she gets all three rings on the target. 

Deepti also lands all three rings right on target getting qualified for the next round along with Ankit and Pallavi.

After the game, Nataliya and Rahul Mahajan appear on stage performing gracefully on “Bole Chudiyan.”

Rahul and Nataliya participate in playful banter with Manish about this being Rahul’s third marriage. 

Manish asks Rahul why did he choose to have a low profile wedding to which Rahul answered jokingly. 

A video of Nataliya and Rahul is shown on screen making everyone smile. 

Rahul’s affection for his mother-in-law is also brought into the light.

Nataliya is tasked to recognise Rahul based on his laughter after being blindfolded to which Nataliya performs with aplomb. 

Manish praises Nataliya for loving Rahul so much.

With this performance, today's episode 6th March 2022 comes to its conclusion.

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