Smart Jodi 5th June 2022 Written Update, Final Week, Grand Finale, Last Episode Today

Smart Jodi 5th June 2022 Written Update, Final Week, Grand Finale, Last Episode Today

Smart Jodi 5th June 2022 Written Update: Final Episode 16, Grand Finale This Week, Smart Jodi Winner Today

Smart Jodi 5th June 2022 Grand Finale Episode Written Update:

Manish and the rest of the finalists enter the Smart Jodi stage dancing to the song “Aj Ki Party Meri Taraf Se” Afterwards Manish welcomes everyone and asks the couples how they are feeling being on the stage of the Grand Finale.

All the Smart Jodi wants to be winners and shares their experience in the journey of four months.

Later, Manish tells about the other three Smart Jodi’s that have come to support the finalist Jodi and Ritesh and Janellia as guest Jodi.

Ritesh and Genelia enter the stage dancing on “Piya Re Piya Re” and showcased the Golden Gathbandhan trophy.

After a while, Himalaya and Bhagyashree danced to the medley songs and later relived the journey at Smart Jodi.

Afterwards, Kumar Shanu makes an entry on the stage by singing “Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam”. 

Creating a romantic atmosphere on the Smart Jodi stage, Kumar Shanu sings various songs to appreciate Smart Jodis.

After a while, Vikrant-Monalisa and Neil-Aishwarya give a beautiful dance performance. 

Meanwhile, Arjun very romantically introduces Neha on the Smart Jodi stage. Kumar Shanu sings a song for them. After that, the couple gives a scintillating performance on the song “Chand Chupa Badal Mein”.

Later, Kumar Shanu presents a tribute to all the Smart Jodis in his unique melodious way.

Grand Jodi Test: Kasauti Zindagi Ki

In this test, Arjun-Neha competes with Balraj-Deepti and Ankita-Vicky competes with Himalaya-Bhagyashree.

In this test, wives will have to fill the bucket after walking blindfolded on the see-saw. The husbands have to balance the see-saw so that wives can walk from one end to another.

The game was tough and the physical strengths of the husbands were employed in performing the task. 

All the Smart Jodis gave their best but the Jodi with minimum water in the bucket is Himalaya-Bhagyashree they got evicted as the last eliminated Jodi.

Afterwards, Balraj-Deepti performed the parody song “Patni Kyon Na jane Kyon Patiyon si Nahi Hoti”. 

Later, Ritesh and Genelia play the task of Smart Jodi and entertained the audience with their quips.

After a while, Ankita-Vicky performed on the “Tip Tip Barsa Pani and Ramta Jogi”.

Second Grand Jodi Test: Gathbandhan Jodi

Arjun Bijlani-Neha Bijlani, Vicky Jain-Ankita Lokhande and Balraj-Deepti Tulli participate in the test. 

In this test, the Smart Jodis have to maintain the position on the incline. The Jodi that stands the minimum time will lose the game. 

After giving their best for many minutes Arjun-Neha gave up and became the 2nd runner up Jodi.

Ultimate Jodi Test: Sath hai to Smart Hai

This test is between Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain and Balraj-Deepti Tulli. 

In this test, one hand and one leg will be tied and then they have to perform together to finish the task in the minimum time. The Jodi who takes the least time will be the winner. 

They have to cross the barrels of water, climb the ropes, walk through the tangled web, find the keys and scissor then climb the incline and solve the puzzle.

Both the Jodis gave their best, but ultimately, Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain wins the Smart Jodi ultimate test, becomes the Smart Jodi of the season, and won the Golden Gathbandhan Jodi Trophy and prize money of 25 Lacs.

With this, the show and Smart Jodi Season 1 come to an end.

Smart Jodi 5th June 2022 Grand Finale Episode Promo:

Smart Jodi is a reality show on Star Plus and its timings will be 8:00 PM every Sunday.

The main focus of the Smart Jodi show is to measure the compatibility and chemistry among Smart Jodis through various games and tasks.

The latest promo of Smart Jodi this Sunday (05-06-2022), is all about the finalist Smart Jodis who will be competing with each other to win the Smart Jodi Season-1 Gathbandhan Trophy as well as prize money of 25 lacs rupees.

In this last episode of Smart Jodi Grand Finale, 4 finalists Smart Jodis will get to show their love to their partner and share their feelings of mutual love that has brought them to this platform.

In this episode, Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia will also be joining the Smart Jodis in their Grand Finale and will participate in a task.   

Not only this, Kumar Shanu will give a surprise present to all the finalists Smart Jodis in his unique style.

The Grand finale will also have several funny yet challenging tasks that await the Smart Jodis.

Get ready to make this Sunday (5 June 2022) full of entertainment, love, lessons, and laughter and find out the winner of smart Jodi season 1, with Smart Jodi available to watch on Star Plus at 8 PM. 

Download Smart Jodi or watch Smart Jodi's latest full episode online on both Star Plus and OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

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