Smart Jodi 9th April 2022, 10th April 2022 Episode 8 Star Plus Written Update

Smart Jodi 9th April 2022, 10th April 2022 Episode 8 Star Plus Written Update

Smart Jodi 9th April 2022, 10th April 2022 Written Update: Episode 8, Relive Childhood, Smart Jodi Winner This Week, Watch Full Show online (Hotstar)

Smart Jodi is a reality show on Star Plus and its timings will be 8:00 PM every Sunday.

The main focus of the Smart Jodi show is to measure the compatibility and chemistry among Smart Jodis through various games and tasks.

The latest promo of Smart Jodi this Sunday (10-4-2022), looks promising as the Smart Jodi’s will relive their childhood memories as well as appear, dressed in children like clothes.

In this episode 8, Arjun and Neha will share their naughty school moments and also their treasured complaints that come from their school.

There are some sad stories too, attached to some of Smart Jodi’s childhood which they never want to relive.

Not only this, there will be several hilarious tasks that await the Smart Jodi, in this episode, which will bring tears of joy to the viewer's eyes.

Get ready to make this Sunday (10 April 2022) full of entertainment, love, and laughter with Smart Jodi available to watch on Star Plus at 8 PM. 

To get to know, download Smart Jodi or watch the latest full episode online on both Star Plus and OTT platform Disney+Hotstar.

Smart Jodi 9th April 2022, 10th April 2022 Episode Update Promo:

Smart Jodi 9th April 2022, 10th April 2022 Written Update:

Today's Smart Jodi 10th April 2022 episode starts with all the  Smart Jodis dancing to the song “Jaane Meri Janeman” after which Manish asks for a round of applause. 

Manish talks of childhood days as days when paper boats are bigger than the titanic, the Taj Mahal looks duller in front of sandcastles, mother’s food and fathers scolding makes the day while grandmothers stories and grandfather rides to the park make them more special. Everyone wishes to live these moments again and again and today these Smart Jodi will relive their childhood days in the ‘Bachpan’ special of Smart Jodi.

In today's episode, there will be 3 tests where the top three and bottom three Jodi will be selected. After that, there will be Antim Kasauti where one Smart Jodi will get eliminated today.

First Test: Ye Tera Sir Ye Mera Sir

Arjun-Neha, Bhagyashree-Himalaya and Srikkanth-Vidhya come to the stage as contestants.

Manish tells the Jodi that whoever will come in the bottom three will find himself in difficulty.

In the first game, the Smart Jodi contestants have to balance the books on their heads together and carry them to another spot. The Jodi who balances the most books from one place to another will be the winner. 

Although Himalaya-Bhagyashree gives a good competition to Arjun-Neha yet, they come second leaving Arjun and Neha as the proud winners of the round qualifying for the top three Smart Jodis whereas Srikkanth and Vidhya go to the bottom three.

Later, Bhagyashree-Himalaya stays back to reveal his special date moment when he has taken her to their school “JamnaBai Narsee School”. They regaled their cute romantic moments where they passes chits and gifts during classes.

All the Smart Jodi shares their feeling about entering the serious part of the show where one wrong move can get them eliminated.

Second Test: Baby ko Race Pasand Hai

In this round, contestants are Balraj-Deepti, Rahul-Nataliya and Ankit-Pallavi.

Rahul tells Manish about being very naughty in his childhood while Balraj tells about his first bunking experience.

In this round, the husband has to drive a toy car to collect a toy while the wife will guide her blindfolded husband toward the teddy.

Soon the race begins and the contestants find driving a toy car, a tough nut to crack.

Between the teasing comments and cheers of other Smart Jodis, Ankit-Pallavi defeats Balraj and Rahul by the mile qualifying for the top three while Rahul-Natalia goes to the bottom three.

Afterwards, Natalia and Rahul stay behind, to present Natalia with a surprise.

Natalia’s cousin's sisters, Christina and Elena are there which makes her happy. 

Manish uses the opportunity to flirt with the beautiful sisters while Natalia's sisters share how wonderful Natalia as a person is.

Third Test: Bade Kachche Lagte Hain

Neil-Aishwarya, Ritu-Gaurav, Vicky-Ankita and Monalisa-Vikrant are the contestant in this round.

In this round, the husband has to wear ‘Kachcha’ (underwear) without using their hands in four minutes. 

For the final two minutes, wives can also help the husband but without using their hands.

The husbands look quite funny trying to get themselves in the kachcha.

Later, Vikrant-Monalisa goes to the top three while Gaurav-Ritu goes to the bottom three.

Final test: Aankh Micholi (Top Three Smart Jodis)

This test is for the top three Smart Jodis that are Arjun-Neha, Ankit-Pallavi and Monalisa-Vikrant. 

In this game, the contestants have to be blindfolded and will be given a stick which they have to use to burst the balloon. Whichever Jodi manages to burst the balloon first will be the 'Best Smart Jodi of the week'. 

Vikrant and Monalisa became the proud winner of the final test earning the title of ‘Best Smart Jodi of the Week’ and Manish presents them with Gathbandhan Trophy.

Final Test: Tic-Tac-Toe (Bottom Three Smart Jodis)

This test is for the bottom three Smart Jodi’s, one of whom will get eliminated today. 

Although, there is a twist, where one Smart Jodi can be saved by the rest of the Smart Jodi’s vote.

Srikkanth-Vidhya gets saved by four votes while Rahul-Natalia and Ritu-Gaurav are left to fight the battle.

In the test, contestants have to play Tic tac toe. There will be a best of three rounds. 

First-round goes to Gaurav and Ritu and so does the second round. 

The eliminated Smart Jodi becomes Rahul and Natalia while Gaurav and Ritu get saved.

End of 10 April 2022 Smart Jodi episode.

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