Smart Jodi Elimination Today: Eliminated Couples list this week, 2022

Smart Jodi Elimination Today: Eliminated Couples list this week, 2022

Smart Jodi Elimination Today: Who got evicted this week? (Eliminated contestants list 2022)

Star Plus TV’s popular fun reality show, Smart Jodi will showcase real-life couples who will compete by participating in various tasks to prove themselves as the best couple or to be precise the Smart Jodi.

In Smart Jodi 2022, all 10 duet-contestants compete against each other each week to remain in the top place and not get eliminated.

Gathbandhan Trophy is also given to the Best Jodi every week which will help them in their journey further in the show.

The eliminated couples in Smart Jodi or new real-life couples might return to the show as wild card entries.

Smart Jodi Elimination Today (List of contestants eliminated this week)

On 5th June 2022, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain became the proud winners of Smart Jodi season 1 while Balraj - Deepti and Arjun and Neha became the first and second runners up respectively.

On 29th May 2022, Neil and Aishwarya became the last Jodi to face eviction while the rest of the Smart Jodis go to the Finale with Arjun-Neha the winner of Semi-Finale week.

On 22nd May 2022, Gaurav and Ritu bid the show adieu due to medical reasons.

On 22nd May 2022, K.Srikkanth and Vidhya Srikkanth got eliminated after losing in the final test. Arjun Bijlani and Neha Bijlani once again wins the title of Best Jodi Of The Week and were awarded a Gathbandhan trophy.

On 15th May 2022,  the winner of the Best Jodi title was given to Arjun Bijlani and Neha Bijlani. None of the other contestants were evicted today. Arjun-Neha and Himalaya-Bhagyashree have won the safety batches and are safe from the eliminations next week.

On 8th May 2022, Himalaya and Bhagyashree won the Best Jodi of the week title. No elimination today.

On 1st May 2022, Monalisa Biswas and Vikrant Singh Rajput got evicted while Bhagyashree and Himalaya Dasaani won the Best Jodi of the Week Title.

On 24th April 2022, in a Pati vs Patni special episode, after 3 rounds of fun games, The Pati Team lost and The Patni Team won the competition.

On 17th April 2022, Ankit Tiwari and Pallavi Shukla got eliminated while Neil - Aishwarya won the Best Jodi of the Week Title.

On 10th April 2022, Rahul Mahajan and Natalya Ilani became the first Jodi to get eliminated from the sets of Smart Jodi.

      Smart Jodi Elimination Status (2022)

      Here is a table showing the status of each Smart Jodi contestant-couples including their other details.


      Smart Jodi Contestant Couples

      Who got Eliminated, Top 5


      Ankita Lokhande- Vicky Jain (20th March 2022 - Gathbandhan Trophy)


      2. Balraj - Deepti Tulli (27th March 2022 - Gathbandhan Trophy)

      First Runner Up


      Arjun Bijlani- Neha Bijlani (15th May 2022 - Gathbandhan Trophy)+(Safety Batches)

      (22nd May 2022- Gathbandhan Trophy)

      (29th May 2022- scored maximum points)

      Second Runner Up


      Bhagyashree- Himalaya Dasani (1st May 2022 - Gathbandhan Trophy)

      (8th May 2022- Gathbandhan Trophy)+ (Safety Batches)



      Neil Bhatt- Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt (17th April 2022 - Gathbandhan Trophy)



      Gaurav Taneja- Ritu Taneja (3rd April 2022 - Gathbandhan Trophy)



      Monalisa Biswas- Vikrant Singh Rajput (13th March 2022 - Gathbandhan Trophy) (10th April 2022 - Gathbandhan Trophy)



      Rahul Mahajan- Natalya



      K. Srikkanth- Vidya Srikkanth



      Ankit Tiwari- Pallavi Shukla


      We will keep on updating the current and eliminated list of contestants in Smart Jodi.

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