Splitsvilla 14 15th January 1023 Written Update, Episode 20, Eliminations, Dome Session

Splitsvilla 14 15th January 1023 Written Update, Episode 20, Eliminations, Dome Session

MTV Splitsvilla 14 15th January 2023 Written Update, Episode 20, Watch Season X4 Splitsvilla Online Today, Eliminations, Ideal Matches, Wildcards, Voting This Week

Splitsvilla 14 15th January 2023 Written Update

Today's Splitsvilla 14 15th January 2023 starts with the winners of the wild stone challenge, Sakshi and Moose, going on a date with their connections.

Mehak causes a scene

Mehak gets very angry at Kashish for opening his shirt and going into the pool with Akashleena.

Kashish tries to justify himself but Mehak interrogates Akashleena for her acts to which Akashleena replies that she likes Kashish and wants to be close to him.

Kashish gets silent as Mehak asks him why he would let someone come so close to him and get physical with him and leaves him in anger.

Akashleena silently watches the drama as Kashish tries to convince Mehak and says that it does not look like what is seems.

Sakshi, Justin, and Tara go on a trio date

Sakshi gets the chance to go on a date with both Justin and Tara which makes her happy and scared at the same time as it is very difficult for her to face both boys at the same time.

Justin and Tara reach the date spot and compliment Sakshi on her looks as they sit together to start their date night.

Tara complains about not being comfortable being on a date with Justin as he wants Sakshi alone with him while Justin assures Sakshi that he is not pressuring her to decide anything quickly as he trusts in her thinking ability.

Sakshi confesses that Justin is the most perfect guy that she has ever met in her life and she genuinely likes him from the bottom of his heart.

Tara tells Sakshi that he is okay with her winning the show with Justin as her win means his own win for him. However, Justin does not agree with Tara's statement as he points out how much pressure Tara exerts on Sakshi to make a choice.

Justin says that he is ready to step back and wait for Sakshi if that is what she wants which makes Sakshi feel relaxed a bit.

With Tara leaving first, Justin and Sakshi talk with each other comfortably and dance together to revive their cozy chemistry.

However, Tara comes in between and takes Justin's place as he reminds Sakshi about their first date together and tries to get emotional.

Honey and Moose bond on their date

Moose and Honey also enjoy their solo date in a nice atmosphere with Honey saying that he is really interested in Moose seeing her attraction toward him.

Moose likes Honey's grounded, humble, and humorous personality and asks him to stay like that as he is totally her type.

Honey sticks a flower on Moose's ears and says that now she has her complete look which Moose finds very cute and thinks that she did the right thing to choose Honey over anyone.

The Power Gummy Challenge

Arjun announces the next challenge which will be performed by the ideal matches and Sakshi and Moose as they won the previous challenge.

The two ideal matches will need to win this challenge if they want to retain their power while the challengers will get the power of the ideal matches if they succeed in winning that challenge.

Moose chooses Honey to perform with her while Sakshi chooses Justin leaving out Tara.

One pair from the ideal match team or the challengers will cut the fruits on the ramp using a sword and take out the juice from those fruits while the opposing team will pull the boy on the ramp and throw chilies in the juice bowl which will be considered a penalty.

In the first round, Amir and Pema go to cut and take out the juice while Honey and Moose defend their team by pulling Amir and throwing chilies.

In the second round, Justin and Sakshi take out the juice while Kashish and Akashleena remain on defense.

Arjun says that it is a very close call as both teams have thrown two chilies in the opposing team's bowls.

The challengers, Sakshi-Justin and Honey-Moose win the challenge and get the power of the ideal matches for the next dumping session.

End of Today's Splitsvilla 14 Episode.

MTV Splitsvilla 14 15th January 2023 Episode Update, X4 Promo

MTV is back with season 14 of Splitsvilla with a new twist of separate isles to entertain the audience.

The latest promo for this weekend's Splitsvilla 14 (15 January 2023) shows the contestants going out on a sightseeing trip in the local places of the island.

Mehek announces that she loves Kashish which makes everyone amused.

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Contestant Names with Photos

Another promo for this weekend's Splitsvilla X4 (15-01-2023) shows glimpses of the dome session where Tara announces that his love lost against Sakshi's game plan.

Urfi Javed makes her entry at the dome session building the excitement of the contestants.

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