Splitsvilla 14 20th November 2022 Written Update, Episode 4, Urfi Javed Fight

Splitsvilla 14 20th November 2022 Written Update, Episode 4, Urfi Javed Fight

MTV Splitsvilla 14 20th November 2022 Written Update: Episode 4, Urfi Javed Today, Watch Season X4 Splitsvilla Online, Urfi Javed Controversy, Sunny Leone, Arjun Bijlani, New Tasks, New pairs, True love, Oracle cards, Ideal couple, Concept, Eliminations, Heartbreaks, Voting, Isle of Mars & Isle of Venus

Splitsvilla 14 20th November 2022 Written Update

The girls fight to meet the boys

Today’s Splitsvilla 14 episode starts with the girls making two teams with Soundous and Urfi as the queen bees.

Urfi’s team consists of Sakshi Dwivedi, Soumya, Aradhana, and Kashish while Soundous’s team consists of Sakshi Shrivas, Akashlina, Shrea, and Pema.

The rules of the game get announced where two girls from each team will tackle the ball while one will defend the goalpost.

Sakshi Dwivedi refuses to play the game as she does not want to play with Urfi.

However, Sunny explains to Sakshi Shrivas that by doing so, she is damaging her team’s performance as Urfi is bound to go on the island fling as the queen bee.

Sakshi agrees to play for the sake of her team members.

Shrea, Akashlina, and Sakshi Dwivedi go in for the first round from Soundous’s team while Soumya, Aradhana, and Sakshi Dwivedi go from Urfi’s team.

Soundous’s team succeeds in scoring the first goal and crosses Aradhana’s name from getting the chance to meet the boys.

However, after that Soumya and Aradhana play terrifically and score three consecutive goals making Akashlina, Sakshi Shrivas, and Pema’s names crossed out.

Urfi changes the players and sends in Kashish and Sakshi Dwivedi after pulling out Aradhana which irks the team members as they were doing well.

Soundous goes in herself in the pool as she had to perform well for the sake of her members.

With the final goal done by Soundous and Shrea, their team strikes out the name of Sakshi Dwivedi from going on the island fling.

The five girls who get to meet the boys are Soundous, Urfi, Kashish, Soumya, and Shrea.

The date night with the boys

The boys enter the dating arena and get amazed by the romantic aesthetic of the venue.

The girls enter and the first attention falls on Urfi Javed as she walks in to meet the boys.

Hamid likes Soundous a lot while Shrea tries to build a connection with Aghaaz.

Many boys try to talk and impress Urfi but she shows affection toward Rishabh and Kashish especially.

Joshua and Kashish have a talk about the incident in the dumping session where Kashish did not save him.

Kashish apologizes for not being vocal about her views and makes up with Joshua.

Amir tries to impress Urfi through his pickup lines but when the time for a solo date comes, Urfi chooses Kashish.

Kashish and Urfi talk with each other and find themselves comfortable in each other’s company.

Kashish and Urfi confirm their connection alliance and promise to be there for each other in the game.

Through communication, Joshua and Kashish also enjoy their cute little date and strengthen their bond.

Back to the party, music starts, and the boys and girls enjoy dancing with each other, especially Kashish impresses Urfi with his dance skills.

A scroll arrives asking the girls to give two roses to two boys they want to connect with.

Soumya gives her roses to Sohail and Aghaaz, Soundous gives her roses to Hamid and Rishabh, Shrea gives her roses to Aghaaz and Kashish, Kashish gives her roses to Joshua and Justin, and Urfi gives her roses to Kashish and Amir.

With the island fling coming to an end, the girls bid goodbye to the boys.

End of today’s Splitsvilla 14 episode.

MTV Splitsvilla 14 20th November 2022 Episode Update, X4 Promo:

MTV is back with season 14 of Splitsvilla with a new twist of separate isles to entertain the audience.

The latest promo for this weekend's Splitsvilla 14 (20 November 2022) shows the fight between Sakshi Dwivedi and Urfi Javed who enters as a surprise element in the show.

Sakshi Dwivedi calls Urfi an offensive thing which starts a thrashing fight between the two.

Urfi asks Sakshi to shut up as she should look at her own face before judging anyone else.

MTV Splitsvilla 14 Contestant Names With Photos

Another promo for this weekend's Splitsvilla X4 (20-11-2022) shows another fight among the boys between Joshua and Dhruvin.

Joshua gets aggressive and tells Dhruvin that he will take revenge on him after the show gets over.

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