Start Music 3 Wiki, Host, Timings, Celebrities, Cast, Contestant Names, Judges

Start Music 3 Wiki, Host, Timings, Celebrities, Cast, Contestant Names, Judges

Start Music Season 3 Star Vijay Cast/Wiki/Wikipedia/Review/Contestant names with photos:

Vijay television's fun music show Start Music Season 3 has been launched with a grand inauguration. The show is available on both Star Vijay and Disney+Hotstar for the audience. 

The new season 3 of Start music on Vijay TV is a music-based reality show for celebrities. Each week a new set or team of celebrities enters the set of start music to participate in the show.

Season 1 and Season 2 of Start Music being a great success has led to Season 3 of Start Music. The innovative content and creative tasks make the show stand high all these years. 

The contestants of the show are celebrities from TV serials, TV shows, and television-based public figures. In some episodes, casts of Kollywood movies appear for promotions.

Start Music is a fun reality show where the contestants are divided into two teams and each passes the four rounds of the music-related task. The team with the highest score or having the highest wins in the rounds will be the winner of the day. 

The show Start Music Season 3 was launched on 10th October 2021 and the host of the show was Makapa Anand replacing Priyanka who hosted the First two seasons of start music.

Here are the complete details of the new reality show Start Music and the various participating contestants:

Start Music 3 show on Star Vijay details

Name of the Show

Start Music

Name Start Music in Tamil

ஸ்டார்ட் மியூசிக் 


Music - Reality show



Start Music Launch date (Release Date)

10th October 2021

Start Music End date


Telecast Days


Telecast Timings

8.00 pm

Start Music Anchor

Makapa Anand


Star Vijay

OTT Platform


No. of Seasons


Start Music Season 3 Anchor Name with Photo:

Makapa Anand

Ma ka Pa Anand - IMDb

Start Music 3 on Vijay TV Concept/Format:

Start Music is a reality show based on music. Different celebrities arrive as guests and participate in the show each week. 

Six guests arrive to participate in the show. They are divided into two teams - 3 each.

They compete with each other in four different music-based rounds and the team which wins the highest number of rounds can enter a cash prize room and win huge prize money. 

The four rounds of the show and the prize money is listed below:

Round of Start Music

Name of the round

Rules of Start Music

Prize Amount of Start Music


Sound Party

Tunes of famous songs are played and the contestants of each team must find the song and answer using the buzzer

10,000 Rupees


Enna Paada Soladha

This is similar to dumb charades where two members of a team enact a song to the other member.

25,000 Rupees



In this round, pictures depicting songs and movies are displayed, the celebrities must relate the images and reveal the correct answer.

50,000 Rupees


Olunga Paadu illa spray adichiduven

This is the most interesting and funny round where. Each member of the team must come forward to sing a song left with blanks. The one who fills the blanks of the blank correctly is the winner and the one who fails to do so is sprayed. 

1,00,000 Rupees

The winner of each round is sent to a lucky room and selects a suitcase of money. The one with the highest amount of money at the end is declared the winning team of Start Music on that episode.

Start Music Voting and Elimination:

Start Music is a no-elimination and no-voting show where the new celebrities participate in the show each week to entertain the audience. The contestants compete in all four rounds and the one who wins the highest round becomes the winner of the episode.

Start Music 3 TRP Rating:

Start Music Season 3 launch was a big shock for the fans and audience as the host of the show Priyanka was replaced by Makapa Anand. The absence of Priyanka as host in the show was because of her participation in Bigg Boss 5.

Initially, the show failed to grab the attention of the audience but later the extraordinary hosting of Makapa Anand has created a greater reach to the show and gained the lost fans' interest, and obtained the expected TRP ratings.

People’s favorite celebrities being invited as guests to the show has grabbed the attention of viewers towards the show.

Start Music Season 3 Show Teaser, Promo, Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is the Anchor of Start Music Season 3?

A. The anchor of Start Music Season 3 is Makapa Anand.

Q. Why is Priyanka not hosting Start Music 3?

A. Priyanka was contesting in Bigg Boss 5 and was not available during the start of the show.

Q. When was Start Music Season 3 launched?

A. The show was launched on 10th October 2021.

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