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Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal 2022 Winners List: Sun TV Awards Vote for Winner Today

Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal 2022 Winners List: Sun TV Awards Vote for Winner Today

Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal 2022 Winners list: Sun TV Awards Vote, Best Tamil Hero, Heroine, Serial, Winner Names, Voting, TV Telecast date & time, Nominations, Watch Online on SunNxt, Full Show Date Timings

Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal 2022 (Sun TV Awards) is given to recognize all the artists of the Sun Television family which includes the best actor, best actress, best serial, best director and all other personalities and roles.

Awarding television artists was first initiated by Sun television under the name Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal which was later started by various other television industries.

The Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal (Awards) performance is held to honour the entire cast's skill, talent, hard work, effort and commitment that goes into producing a successful series or programme.

Sun Kutumbam Viruthugal is indeed the Tamil television firm's first television award, which recognises and rewards achievement in television programmes, soap operas and shows.

The Sun TV Kudumbam award 2022 was first launched in 2010, which was a great success then and it fulfils its motto by presenting the awards to the most eligible candidates from then.

Sun TV Awards is classified into four categories based on the group and nominee of the award. The four categories are general awards, overall performance awards, performance awards and technical awards.

SUN TV channel has announced Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal for the year 2022, and the voting process is still underway. The Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal telecast date has yet to be declared by the Sun network.

How to vote for Sun Kudumbam Awards 2022 / Missed Call Numbers for Sun TV Awards Voting:

Sun TV voting for the best serial, best hero, best actress and best pair is selected by the audience through a missed call voting. The audience is provided different numbers to dial for each nominee and people can register their vote by giving a missed call to those numbers and register their vote for their favourite Sun TV Awards contestants. The numbers to be dialled are as follows:

Sun Awards Best serial voting:

Kayal – 9150068187

Sundari – 9150068189

Roja – 9150068188

Abhiyum Naanum – 9150068185

Vanathai Pola – 9150068190

Kannana Kanne – 9150068186

Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal 2022 Best Pair (Jodi) voting:

Yuva & Meera (Kannana Kanne) – 6150064653

Kavin & Venba (Chitthi 2) – 9150064652

Thulasi & Rajapandi (Vaanathai Pola) – 9150064656

Arjun & Roja (Roja) – 9150064655

Varun & Bhoomika (Anbe Vaa) – 9150064651

Vijay & Isai (Thalattu) – 6150064654

Sun Kudumbam Awards 2022 Best actor-male voting:

Yuva (Kannana Kanne) – 9150047827

Ezhil (Kayal) – 9150047828

Arjun (Roja) – 9150047829

Kavin (Chitthi 2) – 9150047826

Vijay (Thalattu) – 9150047830

Varun (Anbe Vaa) – 9150047825

Sun TV Kudumbam Viruthugal 2022 Best actor - female voting details:

Meera (Kannana Kanne) – 9150062286

Kayal (Kayal) – 9150062287

Venba (Chitthi 2) – 9150062285

Isai (Thalattu) – 9150062290

Roja (Roja) – 9150062288

Sundari (Sundari) – 9150062289

The number of missed calls will be counted as votes and the one who receives the highest number of missed calls will be declared the winner.

Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal Winners list 2022, Award Winner Category:

Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal 2022 Category

Winner list of Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal (Awards) 2022

Best Hero

Varun (Chitthi2)

Best Heroine

Chaithra Reddy (Kayal)

Best Jodi

Yuva and Meera (Kannana Kanne)

Best Mother

Meena (Abhiyum Naanum)

Best Father

Murugan (Sundari)

Best Grandmother Award

Seeni Paati(Vanathai Pola)

Best Brother

Chinnarasu (Vanathai Pola)

Best Sister

Thulasi (Vanathai Pola)

Best Mamiyar

Kalpana (Roja)

Best Marumagal

Isai (thalattu)

Bhumika (Anbe Vaa)

Best Marumagan

Yuva (Kannana Kanne)

Best Kids Award


Abhiyum Naanum


Favourite Hero

Sibbu Suryan (Roja)

Favourite Heroine

Gabriella (Sundari)

Natchathira Nayagan

Sanjeev (Kayal)

Panmuga Naayagan

Jishnu Menon (Sundari)

Favourite Serial


Best Family

Pandavar Illam

Favourite Couple

Arjun and Roja (Roja)

Best Supporting Actor Male

Rajapandi (Vanathai Pola)

Best Supporting Actor Female

Anu (Sundari)

Best Title song

Kannana Kanne

Longest running serial award


Best Director

Selvam (Kayal)

Azhagar (Sundari)

Best Comedian 

Shyam (Abhiyum Naanum)

Best Villain Male

Dharmalingam (Kayal)

Best Villain Female

Menaga (Kannana Kanne)

Best Young Couple

Raja and Anjali (Thirumagal)

Best Kadhal Jodi

Varun & Bhumika (Anbe Vaa)

Kavin & Venba (Chithi 2)

Lifetime achievement award

Latha (Abhiyum Naanum)

Best Multi-Talented actor

Bubloo Prithviraj (Kannana Kanne)

Best Male Dubbing Artist

Vignesh (Sundari) 

Vasu (Kannana Kanne)

Best Female Dubbing Artist

Akshaya (Roja)

Lakshana (Sundari)

Best Cinematographer

Murugan (Sundari)

Best Screenplay

Ayyappan (Kayal)

Radhakrishnan (Sundari)

Best Dialogue Award


Abhiyum Naanum

Best Lyrics Writer

Pa VIjay (Kayal)

Best Background Music

Clement (Kannana Kanne)

The above is the winner's list of Sun Kudumbam Viruthugal 2022 (Sun Television awards 2022).

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