Super Daddy 20th February 2022 Grand Finale Episode, Finals Winner, Runner ups

Super Daddy 20th February 2022 Grand Finale Episode, Finals Winner, Runner ups

Super Daddy 20th February 2022 Grand Finale: Episode Number 14, Final Winner and Runner-Up (1st, 2nd, 3rd places), Prize Money

The Popular show Super Daddy is an exciting Dad kid game show telecasted on Star Vijay.

The exciting promo of Super Daddy (20-02-2022) for the upcoming episode starts with Anchor Mahesh introducing the Grand Finale of Super Daddy. He then introduces the grand finale judges Uma Riyaz, Deepak, and Sandy master. 

The Dads performed their tasks with fun. Then Super Moms like Anandhi, Sriranjani, and Maheshwari enter with their kids to support the contestants. 

The second promo of the Super Daddy (20 February 2022) starts by showing a short glimpse of all the contestants' performances. 

Other super moms like Kani and Roshini are present there to encourage the contestants. Finally, Uma Riyaz is found announcing the title winner of Super Daddy. 

Winner of Super Daddy: King Kong - Durai Murugan

Super Daddy First Runner-up (2nd Place): Vinoth - Thirishika

Second Runner-up (3rd place) of Super Daddy: Ramar - Aishwarya

Top 6 Finalists of Super Daddy:


Super Daddy Father Name

Super Daddy Kid Name


King Kong

Durai Murugan








Madurai Muthu








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Super Daddy 20th February 2022, Vijay TV Final Episode, Winner, Runner ups::

Super Daddy Grand Finale 20th February 2022 Written Update: Title winner, Runner Up

Today's Super Daddy 20th February 2022 starts with the Super Anchors Erode Mahesh and Aranthangi Nisha giving a magnificent introduction about "Super Daddy Grand Finale"

Then the Anchors welcome the judges of the grand finale Uma Riyaz, Deepak, and Sandy master. Then the finalists of the show are welcomed. The five finalists of Super Daddy are:

King Kong - Durai Murugan

Ramar - Aishwarya 

Vinoth - Thirishika

Madurai Muthu - Yazhini

Kottachi - Manasvi

Velmurugan - Pradakshana

A grand welcome is given to all the contestants. The kids and the dads enjoy the entry. All the judges congratulate and send their wishes to the finalists. 

Unexpectedly Supermoms gives a sparkling entry into the sets of Super Daddy to encourage the finalists. Kani, Sivaranjani, Anandhi, Maheshwari, and Roshini are present along with their children.

The first performance of the finale is given by King Kong and Durai Murugan. They give a stunning performance on a clown-based theme and get a standing ovation from all the judges and Sandy Master, highly impressed by his performance, gets the stage and appreciates him. 

Then comes Vinoth and Thirishika to give their performance. They give a sparkling performance on a genie-themed dance. Everyone appreciated their performance. Vinoth's friends give a surprise entry to encourage him. 

The first task of the finale is a quiz-based round and the round name is "Kutrala aruviyile kulichadhu pol irukudha". Three questions based on General knowledge, Movie, and cartoon-based questions are asked to score the contestants.

King Kong and Vinoth first come in to compete with each other. King Kong wins this round. 

Ramar and Aishwarya come in to deliver their performance on a Village-based drama. All the judges appreciate his effort and performance. A surprise fan's AV is telecasted to Ramar which makes him emotional. 

Vijay Tv then honors Ramar for his travels in Star Vijay all these years. He is bestowed with the title "Nagaichuvai Arasan" (Comedy King). All the judges and super moms come on to the stage to honor him. 

Then Madurai Muthu and Yazhini step in to give an emotional dance performance on the struggle of single parents. Their performance makes everyone on the sets of Super Daddy emotional and the super moms give Yazhini a photoshopped picture of her mother.

Ramar and Madurai Muthu come in to compete with each other in the quiz-based round. Muthu wins this round.

Velmurugan and his daughter give a special performance based on the theme of traditional art. They get appreciated for their performance. 

Then, Kottachi and Manasi come in to give their performance on an emotional dance on dad daughter theme. All the judges appreciate their performance. Director Ezhil comes to surprise and supports Kottachi. 

Kottachi and Velmurugan come in to compete with each other in the quiz-based round. The battle gets tied.

Then all the finalists, Judges, and Supermom step onto the stage to know the title winner of Super Daddy. 

First Sandy master announced the Runner-up of Super Daddy as Vinoth and Thirishika and awarded them a cash prize of rupees 1,50,000.

Uma Riyaz announced the Title winner of Super Daddy with the countdown. The title winner of Super Daddy is King Kong and Durai Murugan and receive a cash prize of 3,00,000 rupees. 

Ramar and Aishwarya receive the title special performer of the week with a cash prize of 75,000 rupees.

The judges honor the other finalists with the momentos.

Winners list of Super Daddy 2022:




Prize Money (in rupees)


King Kong - Durai Murugan

Title Winner



Vinoth - Thirishika




Ramar - Aishwarya

Best Performer


End of grand finale episode 20th February 2022. 

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