Super Dancer 3: Mika Dances with Nishant & Pramod

Super Dancer 3: Mika Dances with Nishant & Pramod

Mika requested Nishant and choreographer Pramod to teach him few steps on Super Dancer 3.

Nishant is a wild card entry on Super Dancer Chapter 3 reality show.

He tried his luck to enter in Top 12 of Super Dance season 2019, but judges weren’t sure to and kept him as standby.

When Nishant got the opportunity to perform in the Super Dancer 3 wild-card round, he rocked the stage and entered into public voting.

Nishant and Pramod both performed on Mika’s song.

They danced on their signature style, popping took away Mika's heart on Sony TV's Super Dancer stage.

It was great to see Mika dancing on the stage with kids on Super Dancer 3rd season.

We wish best of luck for the future episodes of SuperDancer 3.

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