Super Dancer 3: Saksham donned Mamaji’s character

Super Dancer 3: Saksham donned Mamaji’s character

Saksham and Vaibhav gave excellent performance by picking Mamaji’s character on Super Dancer 3.

Paritosh Tripathi is the man behind Mamaji. He made the character of Super dancer so famous that he is been copied by the contestants.

This time Super Dancer 3 contestants Saksham and Vaibhav dared to copy him and did a commendable job.

SuperDancer 2019 Judges, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Geeta Kapoor, Anurag Basu, and guest judge Kumar Sanu were laughing their lungs out during the entire act.

Kumar Sanu couldn’t believe his eyes. He asked Saksham to bring a birth certificate.

Saksham had upped his game and has been competing with complete strength and power.

We wish Saksham all the best for his journey in Super Dancer Chapter 3.

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