Super Singer 8 Elimination Today: No Contestants Eliminated This Week 2021

Super Singer 8 Elimination Today: No Contestants Eliminated This Week 2021

Super Singer 8 Elimination today: No contestant got eliminated this week

Super Singer 2021 hosts announced that today, none of the contestants will be eliminated this week while announcing the new eviction rules from next week.

Super Singer Season 8 New Elimination rules:

The hosts of Super Singer 8 announced last that the voting process for Super Singer 8 elimination rules was changed because of the ongoing pandemic.

Until last week, Super Singer 8 contestants got evicted based on public voting.

Every week the judges will choose one of the weakest contestants from their team and will nominate the contestants to leave the Super Singer 8 show.

SS 8 hosts will announce their names for eviction. The contestant's names will be announced for public voting as the first step to determine who will quit Super Singer in that week.

The next week, the hosts will announce the voting results. Whoever gets the highest votes will be safe from elimination and the other contestant who gets lesser votes will exit from Super Singer 8.

The SS8 hosts today announced that because of the pandemic situation, public voting will be stopped for the elimination process.

The Super Singer 8 judges (Unni Krishna, Anuradha, Benny, Swetha) will get to choose the contestant to be eliminated from SS 8 show.

Who got eliminated today from Super Singer?

The latest contestants who are nominated to be eliminated are Sudhakar & Balaji. But in the end, hosts have not announced who will be eliminated from Super Singer this week.

So, Sudha & Balani are not leaving Super Singer this week. Next week the elimination process will continue.

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