Super Singer Junior 8: 29th January 2022, 30th January 2022 SSJ Written Update

Super Singer Junior 8: 29th January 2022, 30th January 2022 SSJ Written Update

Super Singer Junior 8 29th January 2022 & 30th January 2022 SSJ8 Written Update:

Star Vijay's famous singing reality show Super Singer Junior 8 (SSJ8) is all set to entertain people this weekend (29.01.2022, 30.01.2022) with "Nerukku Ner Battle Round" which translates to One on One Battle Round where the contestants battle with each other to proceed to the next round.

The recent promo of Super Singer Junior Season 8 (29 Jan, 30 Jan) shows the cutest contestant of the season Aadya from team Don Dada singing "Verithanam" from the popular actor Vijay's movie "Bigil".

SSJ8 Judges Chithra and SPB Charan appreciate Aadya for her voice and the cute dance she does while singing.

After some time, Super Singer 8 Contestant Sam Vishal joins Aadya singing another song from the same movie "Verithanam".

You can download Super Singer Junior 8 or watch SSJ 8 online full episode on Star Vijay and Disney+Hotstar.

Super Singer Junior 8 29th January 2022 & 30th January 2022 Episode Promo Update:

Super Singer Junior 8 (SSJ8) 29th January 2022 Written Update:

Today’s Super Singer Junior 8 29th January 2022 episode starts with Anchor Makapa and Myna Nandini giving a quick introduction about the Nerukku ner battle round - One on one Battle round of the week and they welcome the Judges K. S. Chithra, Shankar Mahadevan, Kalpana Raghavendra, and S.P. Charan. 

The Super Singer Stars Sam Vishal and Priyanka appear in the show supporting team Rowdy baby; Mookuthi Murugan and Nithya Sri support team Don Dada.

The entire set gets surprised at the entry of Binni Krishna Kumar, Devan, Nikhil Mathew as they appear as special judges to the show. Makapa renders a hearty welcome to the special judges.

One on One battle begins and one contestant from team rowdy baby selects a contestant from Don Dada (vice versa) through a small task and competes with each other. 

Aadya from team Don dada enters and selects Aathi from team Rowdy baby for the one-on-one battle.

The first performance of the week is by Aadya and she sings ‘Verithanam’ from the movie ‘Bigil’. Judges and special judges appreciate her cute expressions and sweet voice, K.S.Chithra whistles for her performance.

Sam Vishal gives a special performance with Aadya on the song ‘Verithanam’.

Aathi comes up next and gives an emotional performance on ‘Theeyil Vizhuntha’ from the movie ‘Varalaaru’. Judges appreciate him for his performance and quite corrections were told by them for future improvement.

Aadya wins the battle and gets a bronze key.

Ramana from Don dada enters the stage and selects Hari Krishna from rowdy baby for the one-on-one battle.

Ramana gives a powerful performance on ‘Varen Varen’ from ‘Seemaraja’ and Judges applauded his singing and advises him to practice.

Hari Krishna sings a soulful song ‘Shiva sambo’ and the judges appreciate him and said quite a few corrections.

Ramana wins this battle and gets a silver key.

Then, Vaibhav from don Dada selects Dharshana from Rowdy baby for the battle.

Vaibhav presents an amusing performance on the song ‘Poo malarnthida’ from the movie ‘Tik Tik Tik’. The judges and special judges shower him with applauds and blessings for his amazing performance.

Darshana gives a power-packed performance on ‘Aila Aila’ from the movie ‘I’. All the judges give her a standing ovation and cherished her energetic performance.

Darshana wins the battle.

End of today’s Super Singer Junior 8 29th January 2022 episode.

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