Super Singer Junior 9 29th July 2023, Episode 7, Folk Round, KS Chithra Bday Celebration

Super Singer Junior 9 29th July 2023, Episode 7, Folk Round, KS Chithra Bday Celebration

Super Singer Junior 9 29th July 2023 Written Update

The show begins with the enthusiastic dancing of the hosts Ma Ka Pa and Priyanka along with many traditional folk artists. 

They participate in folk dance along with the artists and announces that the kids are going to compete with each other in “Folk Round” this week. 

Ma Ka Pa announces that the folk artists who perform various forms of dance are going to support the contestants in their performances. 

The hosts welcome all the three judges along with the chief guests Senthil, Rajalakshmi, Arumugam & Mahalingam and the competition begins. 

Shanu Mithra

Shanu Mithra sings the famous song “Otha Rooba Thaaren” and dances at times during her performance beautifully. 

Four Karagattam performers dance behind her gracefully and the chief guests enjoy her performance.

Thaman appreciates her performance and Antony Dasan asks Shanu Mithra to sing few lines with him meanwhile the host Priyanka asks the chief guests Senthil and Rajalakshmi to sing a song for everyone at the end.


Gaurav sings the song “Polakattum Para Para” beautifully while two dancers dance behind him majestically and everyone enjoys his performance. 

K.S. Chithra appreciates his performance saying that Gaurav sang the song very energetically. 

The host Priyanka asks the chief guest Mahalingam to comment on his performance and to sing a song for them on stage. 


Sameera sings one of the most famous songs of Tamil Cinema – “Ooru Vitu Ooru Vanthu” in a wonderful way while few background dancers behind her dance enthusiastically. 

K.S. Chithra appreciates her about how she managed to sing the difficult song gracefully and makes some corrections in her way of singing. 

Sameera receives the golden shower from Antony Dasan, and he honors her with a garland while Sameera feels extremely happy. 


Ananyah who is one of the best performers of this season sings “Panchu Mittai Sela Katti” in her majestic voice and four dancers perform Oyillattam while she sings. 

K.S. Chithra appreciates her that she performed well, and her choice of the song is good whereas Thaman asks her to sing without any fear and appreciates her voice texture. 

The chief guest Aatkaati Arumugam sings a folk song beautifully on the stage for the Super Singer family.


Maithrayan sings “Annatha Aadurar Othiko Othiko” which is one of the most famous songs among the Tamil audience. 

K.S. Chithra speaks about why his singing got stuck in the middle and also appreciates him for performing such a beautiful song at his best. 

Antony Dasan asks him to sing a different song to review his way of performing and finally Maithrayan receives the golden shower

Harshini Nethra

Harshini Nethra performs the song “Engum Pugazh Thuvanga” in a more enthusiastic way and four dancers perform Karagam beautifully behind her. 

Harshini receives the golden shower after she completes her performance, and she feels extremely happy to receive standing ovation from all the three judges. 

The transgender dancer Ramba, who performed in the original song is appreciated for supporting Harshini’s performance and she shares about how badly the society treats the transgender community. 

A surprising AV about the journey of K.S. Chithra in the musical industry is played to celebrate her birthday and everyone wishes her. 

The contestants previous Super Singer Seasons are welcomed to the stage for a performance to surprise K.S. Chithra again. 

Finally, Chithra shares her happiness about their surprises and the episode ends with Priyanka announcing that the remaining contestants will be performing in the upcoming week.

To learn more, download episode 7 of Super Singer Junior 9 or watch SS Junior 9 online on on Saturday at 6.00 PM.

End of today's Super Singer Junior 9 29th July 2023 written update. 

Super Singer Junior 9 29th July 2023 Episode Update Promo

Super Singer Junior Season 9 is one of the most famous shows on Vijay TV as the kids rule the hearts of common people through their singing.

In the previous weeks, the children introduced them to the audience along with their songs and their stories.

The latest promo of Super Singer Junior 9 (29 July 2023) has been released with the announcement that it is going to be "Makkal Isai Suttru" (Folk Round) and so the children are going to sing various unique folk songs.

Harshini makes her performance by singing a famous folk song whereas two transgender Karagattam dancers make their performance while she sings.

Judge Antony Dasan comes to the stage to introduce the transgender dancers to the audience and they share how badly society treats the transgender community.

Another trending promo of Super Singer Junior Season 9 (29-07-2023) reveals the celebration of K. S. Chithra's birthday along with the contestants.

Maithrayan makes a small mistake while performing and the judges offer him another opportunity to sing a different song which is well-known to him.

Ananyah performs in another promo where she sings wonderfully in her majestic voice and K.S. Chithra appreciates her for the song selection.

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