Super Singer Junior 9 5th August 2023, Episode 8

Super Singer Junior 9 5th August 2023, Episode 8

Super Singer Junior 9 5th August 2023 Written Update

The show begins with the enthusiastic singing of the folk singer Illayaraja to which the kids dance enthusiastically and so the “Folk Round” resumes with the hosts Ma Ka Pa and Priyanka welcoming everyone.

Some of the famous folk singers Gana Ulaganathan, Aanthangudi Illayaraja, Magizhini Manimaaran, and Kida Kozhi Mariamma are invited as the chief guests to the show and the competition begins again.

Mohana Sri's Performance 

Mohana Sri gives a fantabulous performance by singing “Mannarkudi Kalakalaga” and everyone enjoys her performance.

K.S. Chithra appreciates her performance saying that her pronunciation is very clear and makes some corrections.

Thaman says that Mohana Sri has given an entertaining performance and Antony Dasan sings a few lines of the same song with her.

Sadana amazes everyone!

Sadana sings the song “Manjakulichi Allimudichi” in her mesmerizing voice and four folk dancers dance behind her to support her performance.

K.S. Chithra says that she performed cutely with many expressions and asks her to open up by increasing her tone while singing.

Antony Dasan thanks her for selecting the song and encourages her by saying that she performed very well. 

Srinitha sings one of the famous songs of Tamil Cinema “Kotta Paakum Kolunthu Vethalayum” and everyone enjoys her wonderful performance.

Once her performance ends, Thaman asks her to sing the pallavi of the song again only with the piano music and Srinitha receives the golden shower.

A golden shower for Meghna!

Meghna sings the song “Madura Marikolunthu Vaasam” which is one of the famous songs of Kollywood and she delivers her performance wonderfully.

Meghna receives the golden shower from K.S. Chithra immediately after completing her performance and Thaman joins her on stage to honor her with a garland.

Dhanya Sree Sai sings “Aalana Naal Mudhala” with her enthusiastic voice and she completely enjoys herself while singing.

Antony Dasan asks her to concentrate more on her pronunciation of the lyrics and makes some corrections in her way of singing.

K.S. Chithra appreciates her song selection and asks her to sing with a little more perfection whereas Thaman says that he completely enjoyed her performance.

Richa sings the song “Elluvaya Pookalayae” in her deep voice and everyone gets engulfed in her performance.

K.S. Chithra appreciates her soulful singing & her voice modulation and asks her to concentrate more on the sruti of the song.

Thaman appreciates that her singing is extremely beautiful and she had a good hold on her way of singing and Richa receives the golden shower.

Color Vedi Gokul sings his own gana song “Poothiruku Roja Chedi” happily and all the contestants dance from their places K.S.

Chithra appreciates her performance and asks him to concentrate more on sruti of the song.

Gana Ulaganathan praise!

The chief guest Gana Ulaganathan appreciates his performance while joining the judges to present Gokul with a golden shower.

Prohitha Sree sings one of the trending songs of Kollywood “Kaatumalli” in her mesmerizing voice and everyone enjoys her performance.

Thaman appreciates her way of grasping the corrections told by the judges and Antony Dasan makes some corrections with her way of pronouncing certain words.

Prohitha Sree receives the golden shower while K.S. Chithra honors her with a garland and gifts her two big teddy bears.

In the end, the host Priyanka announces that the kids who received golden showers are in the safe zone and Meghna, Harshini & Sadana bagged the “Best Performers” title with gift vouchers.

End of today's Super Singer Junior S9 5th August 2023 written update.

Super Singer Junior 9 5th August 2023 Episode Update Promo

Super Singer Junior Season 9 is one of the most famous shows on Vijay TV as the kids rule the hearts of common people through their singing.

The contestants are performing in the “Folk Round” in this episode and many of them receive golden showers for their wonderful performances.

The latest promo of Super Singer Junior 9 (5 August 2023) shows Meghna singing “Madurai Marikolunthu Vaasam” which is a very famous song of Tamil Cinema and it is indeed a very difficult song to sing.

Meghna receives a golden shower for her wonderful performance.

Another trending promo of Super Singer Junior Season 9 (05-08-2023) shows Rohitha singing the song “Kaatumalli” which is one of the trending songs in recent times.

She sings it beautifully and all the three judges of Super Singer appreciate her wonderful performance.

K.S. Chithra applauds her performance and presents her with the golden shower along with a big teddy bear which makes Prohitha extremely happy.  

Color Vedi Gokul who is very famous for his unique Gana songs sings “Paada Poren Color Vedi” which is one of his very own songs.

The judges appreciate his performance saying that he is a wonderful performer and he receives the golden shower.

Gana Ulaganathan invited as one of the chief guests to this episode is a very famous Gana Singer of Kollywood.

To learn more, download episode 8 of Super Singer Junior 9 or watch SS Junior 9 online on on Saturdays and Sundays at 6.30 PM.

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