Superstar Singer 2 23rd July 2022 Written Update, Telecast Timings

Superstar Singer 2 23rd July 2022 Written Update, Telecast Timings

Superstar Singer 2 23rd July 2022 Written Update: "Super Sangam" Special, India's Laughter ChampionWatch the full show online on Sony Liv This Week, Captains and Top 12 Contestants Performances Today, Elimination This Week

Superstar Singer 2 and India's Laughter Champion will have a Super Sangam this Saturday (23 July 2022) at 7 PM.

The special segment will have contestants from both SSS2 and ILC performing together, making the atmosphere filled with music and laughter.

The recent promo for the Superstar Singer 2 Super Sangam (23-07-2022) shows Sayisha performing with Vignesh and Anna making the judges experience the essence of music accompanied by comedy.

Sayisha sings the upbeat song "Ek Do Teen" while Anna, the puppet doll of Vignesh dances to the tunes.

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Superstar Singer Season 2 23rd July 2022 Update, Top 12 Contestants, Super Sangam, Latest Promo:

Superstar Singer 2 23rd July 2022 Written Update:

Today's Superstar Singer 2 will amalgamate with India's Laughter Champion for a special segment.

Aryananda starts the string of performances by singing a sweet and light-hearted song.

Along with his unique folkstyle, Pranjal sings the song “Teri Deewangi” and gets praised by the judges heavily.

Accompanied by a comedian, Pranjal learns the modern tips of socializing which makes up the best comedy session.

Aruna comes next and performs powerfully in the song “Chatur Anar” and surprises everyone with her vocal skills.

Pratyush brings his hilarious dishes for the comedians from India's Laughter Champion which makes everyone give hilarious reactions toward it.

After the comedic segment, Rohan and Pratyush pair up and sing “Golmaal” and “O Savaria”.

Vignesh and Anna entertain everyone with their jokes before Sayisha comes on stage and starts her performance on “Ek Do Teen”.

Alka Yagnik also joins Sayisha in singing the iconic song.

Jay Vijay Sachin mimics various voices and continues to entertain everyone in the audience while flirting with Alka.

Soyab performs on “Dil Mera Hay” and gets complimented by the judges and guests.

Mani makes his entry in a Punjabi avatar and sings the song “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom” while playing the dhol himself.

Rituraj comes and sings the songs “Tera Suroor”, “Aashiq Banaya”, and “Jhalak Dik La Ja” and shows his love for Himesh making everyone suspicious. 

Everyone joins Himesh on the stage for a special remix of “Aashiq Banaya” making everyone grooves on the beats.

Nitesh Shetty from ILC comes on the stage and presents a comedy session making everyone laugh.

Imtiaz Ali comes in as a guest along with Miladuri Kumar to join the show to promote his show “Dr. Aurora.”

Mohammad Faiz comes and performs the songs “Hawayein” and “Tumse Hi” making Imtiaz turn into a fan of his.

Imtiaz Ali wishes Chetanya the best of luck while gifting him a rockstar leather jacket.

Chetanya performs the songs “Sadda Haq” and “Nagara Baja” setting the stage on fire.

The comedians present some skits to make the audience laugh their hearts out.

End of today's Super Sangam of Superstar Singer 2 and India's Laughter Champion.

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