Superstar Singer 2 29th May 2022 Written Update, Top Performances

Superstar Singer 2 29th May 2022 Written Update, Top Performances

Superstar Singer 2 29th May 2022 Written Update: "90 songs of the 90s" Special, Watch the full show online on Sony Liv This Week, Captains and Top 15 Contestants Selection Today

Superstar Singer 2 continues to entertain the viewers with the magical vocals of the contestants.

The recent promo for this weekend's Superstar Singer 2 (29 May 2022) shows a special performance by the five captains.

With their experience and technique, the captains flaunt their vocals and succeed in overwhelming the judges.

The trending promo for Superstar Singer 2 this weekend (29-05-2022) shows the completion of 90 songs from the 90s and a celebration following that.

All contestants, judges, and captains join on the stage and sing together enjoying themselves to their fullest.

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Superstar Singer Season 2 29th May 2022 Update, Top 15 Contestants, Latest Promo:

Superstar Singer 29th May 2022 Written Update:

Today’s Superstar Singer 2 starts with an introduction to all the housewives of India.

Harshita and Rituraj come up first with their sweet vocals and please the ears of everyone.

Captain Danish and Aruna pair up to bring up a fun-infused performance.

Mohammad Faiz and captain Arunita turn the atmosphere into a romantic sphere.

Captain Sayli and Pratyush pair up to perform some of the classic hits from the 90s.

Next comes Sayisha and captain Pawandeep with some playful vibes as they perform on the stage.

Captain Salman paired with Mani stun everyone with their stunning vocals.

Himesh entertains the housewives by singing some of his songs and dancing with them.

Next, a special performance comes up by the five captains where they sing nonstop bangers from the 90s.

Sayantani and Rohan make everyone jam to the beats of retro music.

Soyab comes up solo and flaunts his strong vocals through his singing.

Aditya, judges, captains, and the contestants join to complete the 90 songs and gather on the stage for the celebration of the completion.

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