Swaran Ghar TRP rating: Can the famous actors bring good TRPs for Colors TV?

Swaran Ghar TRP rating: Can the famous actors bring good TRPs for Colors TV?

Swaran Ghar TRP Rating:  

Colors TV's new serial Swarna Ghar premiered its first episode on 28 February 2022 at 8:30 PM featuring the actors Ronit Roy and Sangeeta Ghosh as Kanwaljeet Bedi and Swaran Bedi.

Swarn Ghar serial is being produced by the famous actors Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey who share their partnership with the channel through the serial ‘Udaariyan’ which has gained so much popularity among the viewers and now Swaran Ghar aims to achieve the same.

Surprisingly, Swaran Ghar has garnered 1.4 TRPs within one week of its telecast.

However, with a time slot of 8:30, Swarna Ghar has to face tough competition from the popular serials like Bhagya Laxmi on Zee TV and Imli on Star Plus which has been continuously making their places in the list of high TRP rating serials every succeeding week.

Dreamiyata productions have fetched one of the fine actors in the television industry, Ronit Roy, who has a separate fan base among the audience.

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The female lead Swaran, played by the talented Sangeeta Ghosh gained immense popularity for her roles in ‘Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil’ and ‘Parvarish’.

Both the actors are coming back on the television screens after a long time which is a positive point for the serial as it brings attention to it.

Also, the story of the serial Swarn Ghar is very much similar to the Bollywood movie 'Baghbaan' but comes with a different twist where the focus is on the female lead Swaran.

The magnificent aesthetic of the set feels splendid and monumental and depicts the cultural background precisely.

However, the first episode of the serial has intrigued the audience to watch more as the suspense stayed throughout the facade.

Let's see if the pain, struggles, and hardships of the parental life succeeds in beating the competition from the popular serials on the other channels and bringing high TRP ratings to the serial Swaran Ghar.

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