Swarna Swar Bharat 2022 voting: How to cast your vote contestants on zee5 app

Swarna Swar Bharat 2022 voting: How to cast your vote contestants on zee5 app

Swarna Bharat 2022 Voting: How to vote for your favorite candidates?

With the new devotional singing reality show Swarna Swar Bharat hitting the screens, the viewers are excited to vote for their favorite contestants.

Zee TV channel with a view to connect the audience with the show and the contestants of Swarnbharat is giving the option of voting both online and offline.

The voting will be the same for SSB 2022 as other reality shows on Zee TV.

Here is a detailed description for both online and offline voting for your favorite contestant on Swarna Bharat.

Swarn Swar Bharat online voting 2022:

  1. Log in to the zee5 app or at zee5.com with your phone number or your email id or create a new zee5 account.
  2. Then select the voting option for the candidate of Swarnabharat you want to vote for.
  3. Click on vote while agreeing to all the terms and conditions.

The voting line will be open for a specified period of time when the show airs on weekends.

Swarna Swar Bharat offline voting 2022:

  1. There will be a unique number that will be assigned to each contestant which will be used by the audience to vote for their favourite candidate.
  2. The number will appear while the show is airing.
  3. The viewers have to just give a missed call on the number provided and their vote for the contestant will be counted.

Keep visiting this space for voting details for Swarnaswarbharat 2022.

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