Tamil New Year Special Show 14th April 2022 Udanpirappae - Pasa Malargal

Tamil New Year Special Show 14th April 2022 Udanpirappae - Pasa Malargal

Udanpirappae - Pasa Malargal Tamil New year Special Show 2022 14th April 2022 Written Update: Promo, Review, Telecast Date, Telecast Timing, Watch full show online on Hotstar, Vijay TV Schedule Today

Udanpirappae is a fun show telecasted on Vijay television as a Tamil new year special event. 

It is a fun and emotional show for Star Vijay television artists who appear with their siblings in the show.

The latest promo of the show Udanpirappae (14 April 2022) shows Anchor Archana and Kureshi present to host the grand Tamil New year special show. 

The guests of the show Udanpirappae are as follows:

Aranthaangi Nisha with her brother Raja. 

Raveena Daha with her brother Rahul.

Hema Rajkumar with her sister. 

Myna Nandini with her brother Balu. 

TSK with his brother Vignesh Kumar. 

Thamarai with her brother. 

Sunitha Gogoi with her sister Nandita Gogoi. 

Priya Chander with her sister. 

The entire set of Udanpirappae - Pasa malargal is filled with fun and laughter. The celebrities share funny incidents and funny moments about their siblings in the show and also perform funny tasks in the show. 

First is a quiz based task for both the siblings where each guest answers the questions related to their sibling. The siblings are wearing gloves and when the questions are revealed the celebrity's brothers and sister must punch them and answer the question. It ends up in a funny way.

Raveena and Rahul enjoy the round and her brother punches her severely and makes fun of her. Meena's sister shares her memory with Meena about the way she steals her snacks which is enjoyed by everyone in the show. 

Ramar enters the sets of Udanpirappae in Beast Thalapathy Vijay costume with the same entry as shown in the trailer. He gives a special performance to the guests which is enjoyed by everyone on the show. He delivers the dialogues of Thalapathy Vijay which impresses everyone on the set. Deepa is found accompanying Ramar as his sister, though they are not blood bond siblings. 

An emotional task is provided to the siblings where the brothers and sisters share insights about their sibling as a friend, as an enemy and as a mother. The entire set gets emotional on the love and bond that is found between the siblings. 

The brother and sister present their celebrity siblings with small gifts as a token of love which impresses all the celebrities. 

Next is a fun based task where the celebrities and their siblings are found playing skater shoe and pillar based games. This round comes up with unexpected twists and turns. 

Meanwhile, Anchor Archana Chandoke's sister Anitha Chandoke enters the sets of Udanpirappae - Pasa Malargal and surprises her. Then both the sisters share a few memories and dance with Ramar. 

Aranthaangi Nisha and her brother have so much fun on the Tamil New year special show. They share funny memories from childhood and Nisha's brother lifts her and dances to a song that floods everyone in laughter.

Download Tamil New year's special show: Udanpirappae - Pasa malargal or watch full episodes online on Star Vijay on 14th April 2022 at 4.00 pm and Disney+Hotstar.

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