The Kapil Sharma Show 8th January 2022, 9th January 2022, Mika & Sunny Special

The Kapil Sharma Show 8th January 2022, 9th January 2022, Mika & Sunny Special

The Kapil Sharma Show 8th January 2022, 9th January 2022 Episode Written Updates:

Sony TV's The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS) is entertaining the audience this week with the special appearance of Mika Singh, Sunny Leone with Toshi Sabri, and Shaarib Sabri.

The Kapil Sharma Show's recent promos for this weekend (8-1-2022, 9-1-2022) episode shows Sunny Leone telling Kapil Sharma that he does not talk to her much. Kapil says he got married waiting for her phone number.

Further, Mika Singh dances with Sapna after which Sapna asks Mika why didn't he get married yet.

The second promo of The Kapil Sharma Show for this weekend (8 January 2022, 9 January 2022) episode also shows the guests playing Whisper Challenge. Kiku comes in as a lawyer and entertains the guest.

The latest promo of TKSS shows Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shaw on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show.

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The Kapil Sharma Show 8th January 2022, 9th January 2022 Episode Update Promo:

The Kapil Sharma Show 8th January 2022 Written Update:

Today's TKSS 8th January 2022 episode starts with Kapil Sharma singing the song 'Dil Mein Baji guitar'.

Kapil welcomes the first guest who is the singer of songs like 'Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag', Mika Singh. He enters the stage performing one of his best songs that is 'Gandi Baat'.

Further, Kapil says that Mika always requires a female company and calls his next guest the most beautiful, Sunny Leone.

Mika talks about his new song Heartfail and an upcoming song Majnu.

After having a seat, Kapil asks Sunny and Mika about how they spent their lockdown. Sunny shares the time she spent with her family while Mika tells that as Kapil is his neighbor they have spent a good time together.

Furthermore, Kapil welcomes the next guests. Two amazing music composers, Toshi Sabri and Shaarib Sabri make an entry performing their songs from the movie 'Zid'.

While chatting with the guests, Kapil asks Toshi and Shaabir whether they ever imagined reaching this level of success that they have come to TKSS.

Shaarib exclaims that their mother is the happiest person to know Toshi and Shaarib are guests at The Kapil Sharma Show.

As the show continues, Kiku arrives as Advocate Damodar Jethmalani (DJ). He introduces himself as a lawyer by suggestion.

When Kapil corrects DJ that it's a profession, not a suggestion, DJ says that it's a profession for people who earn from it but in his case, he only gets suggestions to leave advocacy.

Further, Kiku entertains everyone with jokes and leaves after dancing with Sunny Leone on her latest song 'Panghat'.

The show members enact a story named "Mika's Devdas". Sumona plays the role of Taro while Sudesh Lehri plays Mika Singh aka Deva.

After a fight between Taro and Deva, Taro takes an exit and Krushna comes in as Chandrumukhi.

In some time, Taro returns and argues with Chadrumukhi to be the one who performs with Deva on his show.

Deva makes Taro and Chandrumukhi to dance for deciding who'll accompany him.

The play ends and all the guests return to the stage.

Further, Kapil displays some of the comments on the pictures posted by Mika Singh, Sunny Leone, and the Sabri brothers on social media.

At Kapil's request, the guests play the 'Whisper Challenge' game.

After the game, Krushna enters as Sapna and dances with Mika. Krushna aka Sapna makes everyone laugh till their stomach aches with her punchlines.

Lastly, Mika Singh, Toshi, and Shaarib perform their latest song Heartfail. At Mika's request, Kapil's mother sings a traditional Punjabi song.

End of 8th January 2022 The Kapil Sharma Show episode.

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