Top 5 Tamil TV Channels, Most Watched, Number 1 This Week 2022 BARC TRP Rating

Top 5 Tamil TV Channels, Most Watched, Number 1 This Week 2022 BARC TRP Rating

Top 5 Tamil TV Channels 2022: BARC TRP Ratings Today, This week

The BARC TRP rating of 2022 TV Channels has been released. This week. These TRP Ratings of Tamil Channels are based on Urban and Rural Ratings.

As expected Sun TV hits the Number 1 position in the TRP rating this week. The strong fanbase and audience all around have helped the network hold the first position firmly.

The top serials of Sun Tv like Kayal, Sundari, Vanathai Pola, Kannana Kanne, and Roja which are blockbuster hits to date play a key role in positioning the channel in the spotlight. The wide range of followers for these serials has helped Sun TV reach this peak.

Star Vijay follows up next with the number 2 position, the innovative content and interesting storyline are driving people towards the channel making it hold the second position.

The massive hit serials of Star Vijay being Bharathi Kannamma, Baakiyalakshmi, Pandian Stores, and Raja Rani2 having huge followers has made the Channel hold second place.

Zee Tamil has managed to place itself in the third position of the TRP table. Interesting shows, Emotional serials, and People's favorite movies have paved a way for its position on the table.

KTV which belongs to Sun Network has gotten 4th position and Vijay Super which is a branch of Star Vijay has been placed in the Top 5 table.

The following table shows the ranking and ratings of the Top 5 BARC Tamil Indian TV Channels.

Top 5 Tamil Channels based on BARC TRP Ratings:

BARC Tamil TRP Rankings / Ratings

Tamil TRP Channel Name

Tamil TRP Ratings

TRP 5th Place

Vijay Super


TRP 4th Rank



TRP 3th Spot

Zee Tamil


TRP 2nd Place

Star Vijay


TRP 1st Position

Sun TV


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