Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Vidroh Serial Promo to be released soon

Vidrohi Upcoming Story: Vidroh Serial Promo to be released soon

Vidrohi (Vidroh) Upcoming Story:

Star Plus channel's highly anticipated historical drama serial Vidrohi (Vidroh) is going to release its official promo very soon as the shooting has been done.

The story of the Vidrohi serial will be set in the British era around the time of the rebellion against the British East India Company in Odisha in the year 1817.

Based on Vidrohi spoilers, the concept of the soon coming show will be revolving around two princesses and one rebel warrior and how they come together to battle against the Britishers.

Vidrohi serial was originally set to be released in the year 2018 but got delayed after which the makers of Star Plus have now decided to once again bring it to the Television tube owing to its unique concept.

Vidroh serial star Sharad Malhotra is the male lead while Sulagna Panigrahi and Hemal Ingle are confirmed to be the female leads.

As per Vidrohi serial gossips, the mystical serial Vidrohi also includes actors and actresses in their star cast like Saurabh Gokhle, Nikhil Damle, Priya Tandon, Danny Sura, and many more.

Co-actor Danny Sura and confirmed through his social media that the shooting for the promo of Vidroh (Vidrohi) has been complete while the first look pictures have also been released.

Let's see if the show manages to entertain the audience in the upcoming twists of Vidrohi (Vidroh) future episodes.

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