Ajooni: Latest Spoiler! Rajveer Slaps Ajooni!

Ajooni: Latest Spoiler! Rajveer Slaps Ajooni!

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In the upcoming episodes of the Ajooni serial, Rajveer will be angry at Ajooni and slaps her tightly.

So far in the story of the Ajooni serial, Rajveer has constantly supported Ajooni in his family and done things which he would never do for anybody.

However, the arrival of Ajooni's past Avinash has created ripples in the relationship.

Aman is declared pregnant but after facing some health issues Avinash arrives as the doctor to cure her.

Ajooni is astonished at seeing Avinash and fears Rajveer knowing this.

As per the spoiler of the Ajooni serial, Dolly will reap the seeds of doubts in Rajveer’s mind. 

In the upcoming twists of the serial, Rajveer points a gun at Avinash while Ajooni tries to save him.

Rajveer feels offended seeing this and reacts by slapping Ajooni tightly.

Meanwhile, Ajooni breaks down, seeing Rajveer against her.

The Bagga family is happy watching Rajveer who has been a constant support for Ajooni is now against her.

Will Aman, who is aware of the truth and Ajooni’s innocence inform Rajveer?

Let us see how Rajveer will react after knowing the truth or if his anger will hurt Ajjoni more in the future episode of the Ajooni serial.

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