Ajooni: Upcoming Story! Rajveer is intoxicated with Ajooni's love!

Ajooni: Upcoming Story! Rajveer is intoxicated with Ajooni's love!

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In the upcoming story of Ajooni, Rajveer Bagga, a local thug of his area who is fond of threatening people with guns, will fall for an innocent girl named Ajooni.

Ajooni is a simple girl who sings at Kirtans held in Gurudwara with a devoted fiance, named Avinash, who is a doctor by profession. 

Whereas, Rajveer is a local criminal with two roadside Romeo friends who eve tease girls and often get into trouble. 

So far in the story of Ajooni, Ajooni & Avinash are seen as a perfect couple who are about to get married.

However, Rajveer bumps into Ajooni and saves her from falling to the ground by holding her waist after coming back from a fight.

He falls in love with Ajooni at first sight while Ajooni has no idea about Rajveer's past or his local hobby of being a roadside Romeo.

As per the latest spoilers of Ajooni, Rajveer will tell his friends that he wants to be intoxicated with Ajooni's love since he views her as an angel who has come to Earth from Heaven.

Let us see how Rajveer's unsolicited fondness of Ajooni creates a disturbance in her perfect life with Avinash, her fiance, in the future episodes of Ajooni.

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