Ajooni: Upcoming Twist! Dolly to Burn Ajooni Alive!

Ajooni: Upcoming Twist! Dolly to Burn Ajooni Alive!

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In the upcoming story of the Ajooni serial, Dolly will craft a plan to burn Ajooni alive with the help of Harman.

So far in the story of Ajooni, Dolly returns home and complains about Ajooni’s family after Mehr sticks gum in Dolly’s hair.

Harman gets enraged and threatens to cut Ajooni’s hair in return but Bharat intervenes, bringing peanut butter to take the gum out of Dolly’s hair.

A humiliated Dolly will tell Harman she has a plan to trouble Ajooni without directly intervening.

According to the latest spoilers of the Ajooni serial, Dolly will leave the stove on in the kitchen while Harman orders Ajooni to make Pudis.

As per the upcoming twist of the Ajooni serial, poor Ajooni has no idea that the gas stove is on while she fries Pudis on the other stove.

Will the gas stove catch fire and burn Ajooni?

Let us see who comes to safeguard an oblivious Ajooni in this life-threatening situation in the future episodes of the Ajooni serial.  

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