Anandibaa aur Emily: Serial Twist! Firangi Bahu is Hurt!

Anandibaa aur Emily: Serial Twist! Firangi Bahu is Hurt!

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In the upcoming story of Anandibaa aur Emily, Emly will feel hurt after she finds the recipe paper given to her by Gunjan burnt.

So far in the story of Anandi Baa or Imly, Gunjan gives a wrong Halwa Recipe to Emily so she loses the cooking competition being held in Gondol. Emly has participated in hopes of winning it for Anandi Baa and gradually winning her heart too.

However, Gunjan wants Emly to lose it so Anandi Baa throws her out of the house. Aarav also wants Emily to lose so Anandi Baa tells Emly to go back to America and Aarav can get a chance to live an American Dream.

Meanwhile, nobody has tried to understand Emily’s dream and wants her to fail since she is a firangan Bahu.

As per the latest spoiler of Anandi Baa aur Emly, Emily will cry since her recipe got burnt and ask Aarav if he is going to help her.

Aarav will be left in a conundrum since he is the one to break Imly’s heart despite knowing her true dreams.

Let us see whether Aarav accepts his mistake in front of Emly and helps her to win the cooking competition in the future episodes of Anandi Baa aur Imly.



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