Anupama: Anuj Gets Cold Feet

Anupama: Anuj Gets Cold Feet

Anuj gets cold feet during his engagement and refuses to marry Shruti.

Anuj and Shruti celebrate their wedding function as they sing and dance together.

Anupama cries as she recalls her past with Anuj while Anuj too gets sad to remember his past.

At the end of the dance, Shruti sits on her knees with a ring in her hand as the guests applaud to cheer and celebrate their love.

Anuj gets flashbacks of his past and goes away from there leaving Shruti isolated as he still hasn't moved on from his past.

Shruti gets hurt and feels insulted.

 Will Anuj return to Anupama? 

Let's continue to watch the future episodes to witness Anuj's next action.

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