Anupama: Anupama gets a second chance

Anupama: Anupama gets a second chance

Now, Anupama gets a second chance to prove herself in the show. 

One of the judges refuses to let Anupama cook due to her injured hand despite her requests and begging.

This harsh decision of the judge shatters Anupama's dream that she has carried all through the way while she becomes hopeless and goes. 

She gets flashbacks of all her sufferings and hardships, thinking that she cannot correct anything now.

Meanwhile, one of the judges stops her allowing her to perform today as she finds her passionate about cooking.

This comes as a ray of hope to her and she pledges to give her hundred percent.

Will Anupama be able to make it to the next round?

Let's discover how this opportunity takes Anupama's life somewhere else.

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