Anupama Gossip: Vanraj gets jealous and taunts Anupama

Anupama Gossip: Vanraj gets jealous and taunts Anupama

Anupama gossip:

In the upcoming Anupama serial episodes, Vanraj will get jealous upon noticing that Anuj stopped Anupama from going with them and held her back in the office to return her the tiffin box.

Up until now in Anupama story, Kavya insisted Anupama come with her and Vanraj for the meeting with Anuj while she refused but later came upon Bapuji's insistence.

Further, Kavya excitedly showed her presentation along with Vanraj to Anuj while he insisted Anupama express her ideas too making Kavya angry.

Now as per the upcoming twists of Anupama, Anuj will tell Kavya and Vanraj that their ideas are very unique and send them out while telling Anupama to stop 

He will return the tiffin box to Anupama and will send her out while Vanraj will get jealous and will confront her as to why he asked her to stay back, according to the spoilers of Anupama.

Let's see what will Anupama do next in the upcoming story of Anupama serial.

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