Anupama: Kinjal Pays for Toshu's Wrongdoings

Anupama: Kinjal Pays for Toshu's Wrongdoings

Kinjal finds herself in a dangerous situation as she becomes the unfortunate target of abduction due to Toshu's cowardly act of fleeing.

Abducted by robbers seeking to settle the case with Toshu, Kinjal's confusion escalates tensions within the household.

Anupama, triggered by Kinjal's sufferings and maternal concern, refuses to tolerate the injustice inflicted upon her daughter-in-law.

She demands Toshu's immediate return and warns of the consequences he will have to face otherwise 

Will Toshu consider his family's well-being and decide to return?

Toshu's action will now define whether he loves Kinjal or not.

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