Anupama: Latest Gossip! Samar forces Vanraj to slap him!

Anupama: Latest Gossip! Samar forces Vanraj to slap him!

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In the upcoming story of Anupama, Samar will force Vanraj to slap him.

The current track of the show revolves around Romil, Ankush's illegitimate son, coming to Kapadia Mansion which causes Barkha to go mad.

According to the latest spoilers, Samar and Dimple visit the Shah's after they buy their new hybrid car.

This leads to Toshu questioning Samar if this is Malti Devi's thrown money at them which leads Dimple to accuse Toshu of being jealous of Samar's success.

As per Anupamaa's upcoming twist, Samar also labels Toshu as a loser and the most jealous person.

This prompts Vanraj to slap Samar, saying he has surely adopted Dimple's way of living.

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Anupama to see how sooner or later Samar realizes his fault of shaking hands with Malti Devi in the first place.

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